Thursday, February 17, 2005

Giants Fans on Padres

I just noticed this Padre preview by Grant at McCovey Chronicles. Funny enough, if somebody else had made the points he makes, I'd agree completely. The Padres do seem like they're just sort of jogging in place in terms of their roster moves. I'm not convinced Dave Roberts will ever get a respectable enough OBP to be an effective leadoff guy. I'd much rather have Perez and Bay right now instead of Giles. And Woody Williams does seem like a step sideways from having Boomer around.

However, coming from a Giants fan, all that comes to mind is that Dave Roberts is going to shock everybody with a .450 OBP. Giles will win a gold glove while knocking in 40 dingers. And Woody will LOVE Petco Park to the tune of 20 Ws.

So there.

Top Fantasy Padres has a list of the Top 10 Padres Fantasy players. For my fantasy money, I like best bang for the buck. In which case, I'd leave Jake on top and bump up Nevin and Khalil. Klesko would unfortunately fall off my list and I'd throw Woody up there. Woody being a solid innings eater and suddenly finding himself in a pitchers park with a division that doesn't feature a lot of big bats. Depending on the scoring of your league, I'd also say Aki and Scotty should get a look as darkhorse bullpen guys. If you score for Holds, then they're your guys. If something were to happen to Trevor, then either one of those guys is a 40 save man. No joke.

Or maybe I just crush on our setup men.

Barry Bond's Mistress Speaks Out

So the other day I was watching Geraldo's interview with Kimberly Bell, Bond's alleged mistress. It's a bit hard to trust her or Bonds, but she is also cashing in with a book, so who knows. I wonder if any of the Padres players are cheatin' around. I hope not. That would suck.

Geraldo asks her about 'Roid Rage:

BELL: I have some experiences with that, yes. For example, if he was angry with something I would say or upset, he would be very quick to draw his hand back as if to hit me just to see me flinch so that he could laugh about it.

Geraldo asks if he admitted Steroid Use:

BELL: Yes, he did tell me. He told me between '99 and 2000 that this is something that he was doing.

Bonds is also apparently a real needy and jealous guy:


VOICEMAIL: Message marked urgent saved today at 6:14 a.m.

BARRY BONDS, PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER: Hey, you know I hate talking to this thing. You know I can't take it if I don't know where you are. Later.

VOICEMAIL: End of message.

BONDS: You better reach out and page me once in a while or you're up to something other than that. Girl, I ain't playing.


This is what I like about the Padres

I like how they visit Children's Hospital and do good deeds around the community. Those guys are class acts.

"Hey Mr. Klesko do you think you'll hit any home runs this year?"
"Probably not Kid... Probably not."

Okay here's a real quote:
Asked about whether he had anything to prove this season, Klesko said, "I don't have anything to prove to the fans or to myself. I've had a long Major League career. The only thing I have to prove personally is to go out there and play as hard as I can every day. The main thing is not to focus on what I can do, but it's what I can do for the team to win."
Actually Klesko you do have something to prove to the fans THIS season. We all think you suck.

Here's how Greene answers, much more humble, no wonder the ladies (Sara) love this guy:
Greene said "I'm still going to try to get better. There are a lot of things I know I need to work on. And I'm going to use the same type of aggression."

The San Diego Padres of Southern California

I don't know why, maybe because I'm a big fan of the OC. But it pisses me off everytime I hear about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. If I had season tickets to the Angels, I'd say f-u to the owners. Isn't the OC one of the fastest growing markets in the US? Doesn't LA already have a team?

Maybe I'm missing something here. Tell me if I'm just plain stupid on the subject. This might be the dumbest thing Artie Moreno could have done. I think he's trying to tap into the LA Latino market.

Why don't we change ours to the San Diego Padres of America's Finest City?

[Note: I got a link to an interview with Moreno. Here's a quick quote:
Our season ticket sales are up almost 25 percent and we didn't lose any between the dugouts. We didn't lose any suite holders. So obviously, we must be doing something right...
A lot of people will be patient and realize what we're trying to accomplish. I have a saying that I keep in a drawer next to my razor, and I think it fits. It says, "The easiest way to failure is to try to please everyone."
I just wonder if he got that saying out of a fortune cookie. If so, dude needs to lay off the MSG. -Dex]

Boston doing "Wells" for themselves

I'm sick of Boston. They were much more likeable when they sucked. I was never a fan, lets be honest. I don't like these big baseball cities where people think they deserve to win. All this talk of like "My Grandfather's Grandfather never saw the Red Sox win the World Series..." Boo Hoo! Shut the hell up, Boston Fan. Now you've won, so you can just shut it!

I've never forgiven Larry Lucchino for going to Boston when things got tough here in SD. Actually, I was never a big fan of that guy.

Wells was much more likeable as a "hometown kid makes good" guy on the Padres. I find it interesting how ball players become a lot more likeable when they become Padres. Like Wells has always been a good player, but he seemed like a real Punk before coming here. Once they get here and outta the National Spotlight and without the press driving them crazy, they seem to relax. San Diego does that to you, which is a good thing.

P.S. -- I don't like Boston, NY or any other East Coast team.

Channel 4 One-on-One

I was watching Tim Flannery's one on one last night. He was talking about how he got real depressed after his pops died and how he got even more depressed when Mike Darr was killed in that Drunk Driving accident. He spoke of how that was when he realized that baseball wasn't as important in the whole scheme of things. After that he started being a little too outspoken in meetings and being too truthful and how that ended up getting him fired. That in turn got him more bummed out and he hid away from the world for awhile. But then his music brought him back. Hearing that song of his "Secret World" really brings me back to that '97 season. They played that just about everyday at the Q. Those were the good ol' days when you could go to Padres game whenever you wanted for 6 bucks and you never had to worry about it selling out. I digress...

Anyway, it'll be good to have Flan in the booth with Jerry and Teddy. Make it a little easier on Jerry. I think Ted likes Flan too, maybe not as much as Ted likes DZ Akins, but seriously can you blame him?

UPDATE: I'm learning from a comment that Peavy's One-on-One was on last night too and made me remember that Eaton has really bad frosted tips. Don't ask me how that reminded me.

UPDATE 2: Flan signed my hat on Opening Day in the late 90's. He was real nice about it. Actually Randy Jones (1976 Cy Young) signed the bill my green give away cap. I remember when you used to be able to get Opening Day tickets.

UPDATE 3: Kev reminded me of something. They were talking about how Flan needed Rotator Cuff Surgery, and at first I thought it was because of him doing that "Wind Mill" thing with his arm waving guys into home. But I remembered that coaches have to pitch BP and stuff too. The first woulda been funnier.

Padres vs. Aztecs

Tickets are on sale for Padres vs Aztecs. March 30th. $15 for seats. $10 for general admission. $5 for park seats. Should we be hitting this?

It might be good to get my baseball fix in considering I didn't get tickets for opening night. It might also be good to score some autographs. Not that I do anything with them. Maybe I should turn into an autograph hound. Really try and get after some. That'll be one of my opening day resolutions. To become an autograph hound. Even Jayson Werth's autograph, as much as I hate that guy. If the opportunity presents itself, I'm all over it.