Thursday, February 17, 2005

Barry Bond's Mistress Speaks Out

So the other day I was watching Geraldo's interview with Kimberly Bell, Bond's alleged mistress. It's a bit hard to trust her or Bonds, but she is also cashing in with a book, so who knows. I wonder if any of the Padres players are cheatin' around. I hope not. That would suck.

Geraldo asks her about 'Roid Rage:

BELL: I have some experiences with that, yes. For example, if he was angry with something I would say or upset, he would be very quick to draw his hand back as if to hit me just to see me flinch so that he could laugh about it.

Geraldo asks if he admitted Steroid Use:

BELL: Yes, he did tell me. He told me between '99 and 2000 that this is something that he was doing.

Bonds is also apparently a real needy and jealous guy:


VOICEMAIL: Message marked urgent saved today at 6:14 a.m.

BARRY BONDS, PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER: Hey, you know I hate talking to this thing. You know I can't take it if I don't know where you are. Later.

VOICEMAIL: End of message.

BONDS: You better reach out and page me once in a while or you're up to something other than that. Girl, I ain't playing.



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