Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Loretta having a Gwynn Like Year

Here's a nice yahoo article on Loretta acting all Gwynn-like. I'd like to thank my secret source for the link.

Red Sox and QEFTSG

Yahoo news brings the Red Sox outta the closet.

Although I think the Billy Bean the former Padre was the first MLB player to come out after his retirement.

Here's an interview with Klesko and Towers about the prospect of an openly gay active player.
“It’s one of those things; no matter what, you’re going to have your guys that aren’t going to be happy about it,” Padres first baseman Ryan Klesko told the Times. “Obviously you shower together and do a lot of stuff together. For a lot of guys, they would be somewhat tentative about it.”

Through the magic of the internet...

...I'm able to listen to the game, while chatting with Kev and my brother, even though we're all in different places. And furthermore, I pass this information on to you. Magically! Like unicorns. Oh and Ted Leitner's taking a break day even though he had one yesterday. Lazy bum. We get a full 9 innings of Flan wherein we can judge him.

Update 12:54PM: They're talking schmack about our Padres over at Athletics Nation. I tried to create a user account real quick to defend our boys, but it takes 24 hours before I can comment. Those guys have thought of everything. Here's what they're saying in their mock play by play:

Khalil Greene tries to take Beane down, but Billy just swats him off like a mosquito. And now Ryan Klesko has grabbed Beane's dog! And he's... oh my God... this, this can't be... he's dry humping Billy Beane's dog!
Man, I hope Jess's 12 year old cousin and his prospective 11 year old girlfriend aren't reading this. They talk nasty up in Oakland. And besides... everybody knows Burroughs is the dog humper on the team.

Update 1:13PM: So the A's open up a big inning on a couple errors and a homerun by Byrns. No joke, here's what Kev chats to me (I'm busrider):
Kev says:
i love that Burns [sic] guy
busrider says:
ah jeez
busrider says:
look at kev dude
Kev says:
at the A's games, they play Burn Baby Burn when he comes up to bat
busrider says:
already rooting for the other team
Kev says:
i'd take Burns [sic] over Greene any day
Kev says:
i forget they spell it Byrnes
Kev says:
i wish we had that kendall guy
When you hear about fairweather Padres fans, they're talking about Kev.

Update 12:35PM: Well, the A's won. I turned it off for a bit at 12-1 or something, and just checked in to verify. Haces la vida.

Fantasy Baseball Notice

If you have a team for the Padres Fans Since '76 Fantasy Baseball League, then this is your second notice that we'll be drafting the teams this weekend instead of the 28th. The first notice was on the Yahoo discussion board for the league. There's already been accusations of collusion between QuakerLaner and Death to Infidels and the Tijuana Tequilas have threatened to call Don Fehr (as in "fear") to mediate.

In short, it's a good preseason when it starts with some scandal.

So get your draft list ready by St. Patrick's day, cause the draft will run sometime after that!