Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Padres and "Frosted Tips"

It seems to me that baseball players are real slow to adjust to fashion trends. Baseball players hung on to the mullet well into the 2000's and now they are little too into bleaching / streaking / frosting their hair. Ramon Hernandez reminded me of this. Most of the current Padres have their hair colored. Most of the time you can't tell because they have their caps or helmets on, but on those Channel 4 interviews it really makes you cringe. If anybody can help me compile a list of current Pads with their hair colored I'd appreciate it and we could keep a close watch on them. Maybe even convince some of them to let it go. Since my friend's wife's cousin is always hanging out with the Pads we can pass a message to them. Drop us a comment if you have a list. I know I've seen Klesko, Hernandez, Giles and Nevin. I wonder if you can count Bochy in the list for doing that white streak in his eyelashes.


I added a links thing on the sidebar there. So far, alls we got is the Padres web site and Ducksnorts which is the only Padres blog I could find. As I find others, I'll add links so that after you're done reading what little we have here, you can go and read something more relevant. Cause seriously... we're very aware that our site barely counts for much.

Update: There's an Amazon referal link if you want to buy the book I'm reading right now. I'm about halfway through Boomer's book and some of the stories are good, but a good summary might be: 1. Pitches well at current level 2. Blows out arm 3. Gets aggro at somebody 4. Repeat.

Maybe that's an oversimplification and it may scare you away from reading it, but I'll post a better review once I'm done.

Ramon Hernandez taking too much pride in getting hurt

In this Phil Rogers article on ESPN Ramon brags about being injured.

Okay I read the article now and I guess he doesn't brag about being injured like I guessed. I was at this game vs. Toronto last season when Hernandez blocked the plate and ended up on the disabled list for a month. Sure he held onto the ball and made the out, but that run would have made little difference in the game. I just remember thinking that after the game. To be honest I can't even remember who won, but I was at that Sunday game. He shoulda just done the sweep tag or let the run score and he'd been able to contribute for that month he was off. It's a dumb but macho decision to take the hit. Unless it's a pivotal game. That's a different story.

Catchers should charge the base runner, that'll teach them to come charging into the plate. See how tough they are in with momentum coming at them as well. I bet I wouldn't have forgotten the outcome of the game if that happened.

MLB.com Predictions

John Schlegel predicts the Padres to come in second. He does make the comment that if Dave Roberts scores 100 runs this season, that they win the division. Obviously that's a knock on his .335 on base percentage. If he can get that up, Loretta and the boys can get him around.


It's no secret that your buddy and mine, Jon, is a little gay for the Japanese players in the league. Not to be mean spirited in any way, but Jon is a bigger fan of the Ichiros and Otsukas of the world than most heterosexual men are. Now, I've always thought that he was fans of them because they're Japanese and they're successful, but what if they're successful because they're Japanese and Jon is gay for them?

Now, you may wonder what that has to do with Dave Roberts. I'll tell you. DAVE ROBERTS WAS BORN IN OKINAWA, JAPAN! So, he's got the Japanese down. Now, if Jon would just turn a little gay for him, I'm thinking 150 runs easy. And with 150 runs, the Padres may just run away with this division.

It's a friggin' match made in heaven.

UPDATE: Turns out Jon's not gay for Dave Roberts even after finding out that he was born in Japan. Looks like second place for our Padres...

Reasons for 'Roids

The other reason for using 'roids: Chicks.

Random Thoughts

In case you missed it, here's Buster Olney's article on Mark Loretta being the best hit and run guy in the game.

Loretta obviously not performing a hit and run

On a related note, I like the name Buster. Like: You listen here, Buster! Nice old school ring to it.

On an unrelated note, I'm psyched for Carlos Hernandez to be managing the Tijuana Toros and playing against our very on San Diego Surf Dawgs. Carlos is so cool, dude. I wish I had a picture of him when he showed up to T. Gwynn's retirement in that black leather outfit. Leather pants and a leather jacket. That's crazy smooth, man. I can honestly say that he stole that show considering the fact that somebody had the bright idea to have Costas detail every single year of Tony's career.