Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ahhh Spring

That magical time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love! And so that means that my thoughts have turned towards my wife, baseball and video games. Because I love them all.

Obviously, I love my wife more than video games and baseball, which is why I do yoga and pluck stray hairs out my neck. However, this baseball game preview at IGN lures me in ways that a woman cannot, exciting my baseball senses like girl scout cookies excite my taste buds. One note though: They eventually decide MVP 2005 is the game to get, but they don't mention the fact that MLB2k5 is only $19.99. I mention that so you can make a more informed decision, my fellow videogamers.

As it turns out, our Padres are also loving the yoga. Peavy was just on Mighty 1090's Too Much Show talking about their hot blonde yoga instructor. Peavy, how bout we focus more on your own wife and winning games than on that little strumpet of a yoga instructor, you downward facing dog you.

Update: The game we played at BestBuy was MVP 2005. I'm leaning towards that one for myself, though Nintendo is supposed to be coming out with a game this season also.

Fantasy Baseball

Updated 3/3: We've filled up! No more space! So we have at least 6 readers. Good for us. That'll stroke Kev's ego a bit. I'll be setting the draft to run on the 28th. The day after Easter. So say your prayers. Good luck to everybody!

We be playing us some fantasy baseball this season and as we have a month to go before the season and we've only got 6 people in our 12 person league, I'm opening this up to anybody who might see this post.

Here's the prerequisites:
1. This is an NL only heads up league, so be ready for that.
2. You don't have to be a Padre Fan Since '76 to participate. As long as you're a fan of some team and will actually participate.
3. Autodraft. All standard rules except we score for Holds for pitchers and OPS for hitters.
4. We playin' for fun. Put your wallets away.

If this sounds like something you want to do, then come on over! We know you're there! There's at least 4 of you! I'm talking to you Richard Bart. I see you there, David. Juan Carlos Lozano, time to step up. Nobody's afraid of you, Stl Bert. Geoff, let's see you put that calculator and those books to use! Anybody else is welcome. I guess even Jon.

Here's the info:
League ID# 21916 Password: bear

I'll see you on the diamond!

Friar Franks Taste Testing

Well you've waited long enough for these pics and I'm sure they will satisfy your appetite. If you haven't read Dex's write up, here it is.

[Dex's note: I added my captions, but I got seriously bored late in the game, and they got real unfunny. Jbox, I'm sorry.]

Free Image Hosting at
Look at those uncooked hotdogs hitting the grill! Makes you proud to be a Padres fan.
[Dex's caption: Another day at the Vienna sausage factory]
Free Image Hosting at
Here's some of those super cool Pad Squaders. I didn't mean to protect their identities, but they are safe for now.
[Dex's caption: "So you like my headband?" "Yeah. You like my dimples?" "Ohhhhh yeah."]
Free Image Hosting at
The Weinerschnitzel guy is perpetually scared.
[Dex's caption: Try the tacos! Try the tacos!]
Free Image Hosting at
This lady brought her dog in a stroller. It was a little nippy out so he's wearing a sweat shirt. I thought these were pictures of hot dogs, not COLD dogs! hahahaha
[Dex's caption: Let's grill that sucker up too. It's a dog eating FRENZY]
Free Image Hosting at
There's the two different types.
[Dex's caption: There's the two different types.]
Free Image Hosting at
The friar looks hungry.
[Dex's caption: Somehow, I don't think they got this guy from Wienershchnitzle]
Free Image Hosting at
Grill 'em up!
[Dex's caption: The quickest way to get them to the polls? Grilled friggin' hot dogs.]
Free Image Hosting at
Ready to eat!
[Dex's caption: 4 bites away from a burning booty]

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

A Ton of Caminiti articles in the UT today

First you got Nick Canepa's take on it.
Kevin Towers had no hand in the death of Ken Caminiti. He did not give him the dope or the syringe. Ken Caminiti was an addict who overdosed. On his own.
Tom Krasovic's UT article about Towers.

Oh and Krasovic also talks about Towers and Grady Fuson the "Super Scout".
"Two other clubs were very aggressive," Towers said. "And rightfully so. Look at his track record. He's got a knack for picking talented players."
It looks like Bochy has lost his stuff, he's not the pitcher he used to be:
When pitcher Woody Williams hit an opposite-field home run against the Padres in 2002, manager Bruce Bochy joked that Williams used a corked bat.

Williams got a measure of revenge yesterday when he battered Bochy's batting-practice offerings.

"I crushed him," Williams said.

"Yeah, he got me," Bochy said.
He got you... He got you good. Ahhhhh.

UPDATE: A secret source with XM radio tells me:
...on XM, they were talking a lot about K Towers and how the guy is a really emotional dude and has been agonizing over his guilt

Food Recycling and Baseball Opening Day... I'm confused

What do these two things have in common? I have no idea. Let's read the UT article.
This season, Petco Park will expand recycling efforts started last year with bottles, cans and other materials. Cooks in the ballpark's main kitchen will put scraps from their salads, soups and meat dishes into recycling containers. Nearly all types of food, including meat, can be composted.

Okay so food scraps are filling up our land fills? Doesn't that stuff just bio-degrade? I should probably be reading this article closer, but it seems like it has less and less to do with baseball.

Ballpark officials also plan to compost peanut shells, which are collected by air blowers after cleaning crews pick out big pieces of trash and recyclable objects. Eventually, the city wants to collect unsold cotton candy and bags of unsold popcorn.

Oh man I'm getting bored. You readers may have to read this article yourself. The "unsold cotton candy" part captured my attention for a second since I used to sell it myself. Let me tell you there is nothing sadder looking then a lonely little cotton candy that didn't sell. It start shrinking and my eyes start watering. Poor little dude.

Okay you're on your own with this article dudes, I can't get through it.