Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Leitner on Pubes

I'm listening to Leitner right now talking about shaving his pubes. Granted, he's talking about shaving his pubes on his talk show, but honestly that's the kind of rambling gibberish you get with his Padre brodcasts. Talking about "my Padres" or "your Padres" depending on the score. Rambling on and on about how good looking particular players are and what not. Remember when Ben Davis was with the team? Leitner going on and on about how good looking that guy was. Leitner can be nutty, and yet here I am listening to his show.

Bob Boone on Bret Boone

Bob Boone was on Mighty 1090 today talking about the Washington Nationals. Towards the end of the interview, the Too Much Show guys asked about Bret seeing as Bret was one of the players named in Canseco's book. Bob talked at length about how disappointed he was that Brett would be named in the book and, of course, denied the allegations.

To be honest, I had wondered about Bret Boone enhancing while he was with the Padres and then especially after he moved up to Seattle. He seemed to get really huge in that 2000-2001 span, though I guess contract years can do that to you.

Interestingly, the second most similar batter on Baseball Reference is Ken Caminiti. Coincidence? Perhaps.

(I swear it's turning into McCarthyism up in the hizzee.)

San Diego Surf Dawgs and Poochie from "The Simpsons"


Surf Dawg Posted by Hello

Striking similarities wouldn't you say?

A Secret Source spills some Padres news

Secret Source: Did you hear that the Padres are trying to get that Scout that was with the A's and the Rangers?

Of Course he's talking about Super Scout Grady Fuson. Read the Union-Trib article here.

Secret Source: The rangers were supposed to make him the new GM this year, but they reneged. He's responsible for bringing in Mulder, Tudson, Tejada, the list goes on. He will be special assistant to Kevin Towers.

Secret Source: I hope they get 'em.

Me too, Secret Source... me too.

Williams the new Padres "Ace"

This Union-Trib article says that Woody is the new Padres Ace. Just like I predicted.

Single game seats go on Sale this saturday at Petco at 9am. Don't forget about that Padres fans.

Here is the Spring Preview for the 2005 Padres brought to you by MSNBC. They are pretty much saying that Peavy is key this season and that Klesko has to stop being afraid of the big ballpark.

Dodgers on Padres Pitching

Here are some Dodger thoughts regarding the Padres. I'm gonna read this first then decide how I feel about it. I can't wait for the Dodgers to come to town so's I can heckle that showboating prick, Werth. That guy makes me so angry.

UPDATED: So I read it and it seems pretty fair. It is exciting when Jake's on the mound and personally, I love the fact that our bullpen actually has some decent arms in it. Has Trevor lost a step though? I seem to recall a few times last year hoping Bochy would just leave Otsuka or Linebrink in. I'd love to see one of those two guys take over the closing responsibilities when Trevor finally decides to hang it up. When Trevor's on though, man that's great. I just hope he's on. Maybe all the new Hell's Bells graphics distracted him. Interesting though that he blew his saves last year in Boomer's starts. I guess AC/DC fans don't mesh with Metallica fans. But at least we can all agree that we love Creed.