Thursday, March 10, 2005

Poor Ankiel

So Tony La Russa admitted to screwing up Rick Ankiel's career as a pitcher. Thanks to La Russa, Ankiel is going to try and salvage his short career as an outfielder.

How many players have ever made that switch from pitcher to outfielder? I don't care how athletic you are, no way Ankiel is an everyday player. Those starting pitchers are conditioned to only play once every 5 or 6 days.

Update: I retract my previous statement. It was Carlos Hernandez's fault for screwing up Ankiel's pitching career.

La Russa also pointed to the loss of catcher Mike Matheny before that series, who he said might have caught the Ankiel pitches that eluded Carlos Hernandez.

What Did Jerry Do Today? Vol. III

He followed the directions to the ballpark that were left for him. He got to the park and ran into Mike "Swanee" Swanson, Media Director for the Diamondbacks. Swanee told him he was at the wrong park. After initially believing Swanee was joking with him, he then tried to make his way to the correct ballpark via route 22. Along the way, he saw a police officer writing out a ticket to a motorist. He decided to ask for directions. He pulled up behind the officer, got out of the car, and walked over. The police officer proceeded to give him "H-E-double hockey sticks" for parking illegally and sneaking up on him.

I misheard initially so this is corrected from:
He dropped his cell phone in a puddle and it broke.

(I missed the first bit of it. Was there more?)

Channel 4 Padres Spring Training Special

Channel 4 had a spring training special last night. They showed the "American Idol" deal they did to harass the rookies. It was so cheezy. Trevor Hoffman was Simon. I didn't recognize the lady or the other dude. But the rookies came out dressed up and singing. The best one by far was Paul McAnulty. He came out singing Ice Cube's "Today Was a Good Day".

Anyway why do baseball players go to so much flamboyance to harass a rookie? Can't they just give them a code red or hit them with a bag full of bars of soap?

Random Thoughts 2

So the PR campaign begins. Good old Phil. Remind me, if I ever start a venture that makes no money, to name it after somebody rich who I can sucker $20k out of once a year. I'm only kidding.

So Bochy's pretty much decided on May. With any kind of Bill Veeckian luck, May will be awesome this season and the Petco AV club will be able to introduce his starts with sirens and MAYDAY flashing on all the scoreboards. Honestly though, I was rooting for the knuckleballer. In no small part, because of the fact that I really enjoy watching people throw knuckleballs. And also, because I enjoy saying, "knuckleball".

Also, is anybody else excited about the steroid hearings? I don't know why, but I have visions of a sequel to Eight Men Out. It's too bad eleven had to be summoned. Nine would've made for a more obvious sequel. Really, there should be twelve. I don't know why they don't grab Bonds also. I'm going to meditate a little about why I'm excited about this.