Friday, February 18, 2005

Gwynn Interview

Here is an interview, from, with Gwynn on a few different subjects, including the current roid ruckus. It requires a registration to get in.

On roids:
One of beauties of this job is you get to teach. You have an opportunity to sit kids down and explain why this is wrong. I hope kids buy into it. In my mind it's wrong.

On the state of the game:
Last year was unbelievable. The game is doing well, even though there are a lot of controversies. The majority of players are clean. They want to see that the game stays clean. I give (commissioner) Bud Selig credit because he kept the pressure on. Then the players stepped up and said, "We want testing."

Now I like Gwynn as much as the next guy, but both of these comments struck me as naive. Ain't no players union, no owners, no commissioner doing anything about this steroid stuff if Canseco hadn't started making all this noise. That may or may not be true, but it's the public perception that matters. It seems to me that Bud Selig has been incredibly lax when it comes to addressing the steroid issue.

It also seems that teaching college age kids that steroids is wrong is a tough sell. No offense to any college age peeps, but if my guess is right, you're not real big on things like ramifications or repercussions. So trying to tell them that the 30 year plan for steroids ends potentially with an early death is tough when the 10 year plan includes Playboy bunnies and guaranteed contracts with the Yankees.

Oh and I thought Jbox was skiing. Where the heck did he find a computer?

Peoria Spring Training Fan Guide

I've never been to a Spring Training game. I'd like to go sometime so I was looking at the Padres Fan Guide. I like how they pretty much tell you how to stalk the players.

Getting autographs at Peoria Stadium
The best place is the first-base line and the right-field corner, where players must walk back to the clubhouse following games. Also you can stake out the parking lot near the clubhouse. The walkways from the practice fields to the clubhouses are always game, too.

Pitchers and Catchers Report

So pitchers and catchers reported today and there doesn't seem to be much news. I guess we are waiting to see if Darrell May is gonna step in to be our fifth starter. They are talking about Ashby stepping up to be that fifth guy if May doesn't work out. Ashby was one of my favorites during those late 90's seasons. I remember Dex, Kev and I went to a Diamond Back game at the Q in the DBack's first season. It was a Super Five Buck Monday. Remember back in those days? Any seat in the Q for a five spot and all Hot Dogs for a buck. Man I wouldn't eat for weeks so I could take advantage of that. Anyway Kev and Dex get in line for Dogs while I save the seats. Ashby is tearing through their line up. Kev and Dex are in an endless line and the Q has literally run out of Dogs. This turned out to be the game where Ash pitched a complete game in 75 pitches a modern day record. They didn't keep track of pitch count til 1970 or something. So when Kev and Dex come back to the seats it's like the 8th inning and they missed the large majority of the game. Hell of a game though. I'll get the Dogs next time Dudes.

Wells on Wells

Did you see this quote from David Wells? From the New York Daily News:
I called (GM Brian Cashman) ... and told him if there's any interest, I'd love to come back to New York and play. Brian told me, 'We'd love to have you, but The Boss is looking in another direction and we're going to go with youth.' Then they turned around and signed Randy (Johnson). What part of that I didn't get, I don't know. I guess maybe I did wear out my welcome there, but at least I gave it a shot.
So I guess there was never any chance for us to keep that guy around. Sounds like he was desperate to get out. Makes me wonder what would've happened if Hoffy hadn't blown those saves in his games and Wells ended up with say 17 wins. A little more run support and those saves would've done it for him. Sounds like he would've taken those stats and thrown himself at Steinbrenner's feet.

And how does Boston feel knowing that this guy would rather have gone to the Yankees again? Man, I'm so glad we got Woody back. There's something to be said for having guys on your team that actually want to play for you.

Ready for a White Sox beatdown!

Dex is right about me being a fair weather fan of San Diego teams. I figure that I'm entitled to that after following the Pads longer than he and jbox. (yeah, we're all born in '76, but I was busy watching Garvey hit that game winning home run in game 4 vs the Cubs while they were too busy playing Pong)

Anyways, I'm looking at the schedule trying to decide which games are must sees for me, especially living out of town right now. I notice that we draw the White Sox in June. Every freakin' Padre fan should be amped for this series.

Has anyone forgot what happened a couple years back at Comiskey Park? I'm really afraid that White Sox fan is coming to SD. Petco Park is so accessible to the fan. Don't tell me that those rent-a-cop security guys in red windbreakers are going to stop any of them when they jump the field.

I'd love to see someone juiced like Klesko or Giles just destroy one of those drunk White Sox fans if they tried to slice one of the Pads. I'm convinced we'll have a melee at Petco Park this year. I'll have the car warmed up and ready to go just in case.

Presidents' Day Weekend

J-Box is on a ski trip this weekend with his frat brothers and since we pretty much post stuff that we want to point out to each other, I doubt much will get posted over the weekend. Unless Kev posts something mean about the Padres. No joke, that guy will take any opportunity to crack on San Diego sports. One of those "Whenever I have faith, hope, or an inkling to watch them play, they lose" type of people so he'll let you know how overrated any of our exciting teams are and how the owners of said teams are just trying to build new stadiums and rob us taxpayers.

Kev doesn't even live in San Diego right now. God forbid when he becomes a voting citizen of the city again.

We did get mentioned in the Ducksnorts blog which is pretty cool. "A little TMI in spots"? He must've seen the first draft of my Leitner on Pubes posting. I apologize for that. It was getting late in the day and my blood sugar was low. J-Box thought it was gross too.

Eventually, Jon will probably post stuff also. That will bring our numbers to four which is the same number of contributers as the smarties at The Juice Box. Jon's seriously crazy though so I doubt that between the four of us, you'll get anything as informative about the Padres as what the Juicebox guys give about the Astros. Nevertheless, I'm hoping that once the season starts going, we'll have more interesting things to say.

Have a good long weekend!