Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pads Beat the A's 5-1

I'm almost postive that was the score, but I turned off the game towards the end. Matt Vasgersian and Mudd were buggin' just a bit. It'll be nice when T. Gwynn gets in the booth for Channel 4 this season. This was the first televised game of the year.

Anyway, Nevin actually had a good game. Apparently he's ready to lead the team this year (in something besides whining). Actually this article is funny because it talks about how Nevin is always in a bad mood and just a crusty irascible cantankerous curmudgeon. There are a lot of good quotes in here, a good read.

It's a little thing called irony. A ray of sunshine, he is not.

"We nicknamed him 'Sunshine' because he could always find something wrong," says Padres manager Bruce Bochy.

For his first six years with the Padres, and actually before then, Nevin's personality could be seen as more of a dark cloud than a sunny day. He could carry a scowl as intimidating as his swing and toss around some serious verbal venom, be it in the clubhouse or occasionally even into the stands. No one could snap quite so sharply as Sunshine.

I kinda wish Nevin was on another team, because he would be so easy to heckle.

Here's a good article on Greene in the UT today. Also, here's an MLB article on his slow start (although he had a good game today with some big hits).

Oh and as Dex pointed out we got name checked by David and mentioned as one of his favorite new blogs. Ahhh Dang! The bicentennial quarter is a nice touch.


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous David said...

I'm all about cross-promotion.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Dex said...

I love Vasgersian. SANTA MARIA! And I like Grant with him. They're crazy, and crazy is rad.


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