Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gaslamp Ball down

So I dusted this thing off. There's no ETA on when Gaslamp Ball will be back. It's a shame really as we were getting a lot of visitors. Padres fans wanting to know about the trades. Orioles fans wanting to know about Nevin. Cubs fans wanting to know about Sosa. Reds fans wanting to know about minor league pitchers.

Oh well. If it stays down for too long, then I guess I'll have to actually write something here. In the meantime, we wait for Nevin's answer regarding the trade...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just a reminder...

If you're looking for new Padres Fans Since '76 posts, you can find them at Gaslamp Ball. New address... Same Padres fans since '76.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Anonymous thinks I'm an Idiot re: Petco Park

Anonymous says:
Are you guys complete idiots?
I completly disagree with you review on the park.
First of all:
#5. There isn't much unique to San Diego about the park. Couldn't they have given it a mission theme or something?

What the heck, did you guys not notice the tile represents the cliffs of torrey pines, the white steel (oppose to other parks green/grey) represents our skies and white water ocean, the unique foods like rubios, Anthonys, Oggis, that only SD has. The friar bell (mission), the beautiful san diego wildflowers growing all over the park?...

I don't like those employees holding signs to make you wait to go to your seat between pitches either.
...Every ballpark has this, it's a courtesy and not mandatory!

9. So many Ads, it was worse when it first opened. The scoreboard was so distracting.
Well, they pay for the park inorder for you toenjoy the Padres, I agree it looks like someone let a 3 year old color all over the park, but they're paying good money and it makes everything cheaper in the end. It's a new park, deal with it.

Not sure how I missed all that. White steel = skies and ocean... check. Egyptian Tile = Torrey Pines... check. You are really stretching here. To be honest Mission Federal Credit Union looks more San Diego then the ballpark.

The signs are still dumb.

The tax payers paid for a nice big chunk of this park so I don't owe Moores any favors. What's that Ad money really done for us? NOTHING has gotten cheaper. The ballpark looks tacky and Moores hasn't increased our payroll. The ticket prices and food prices have doubled or tripled. The Padres and Moores have plenty of money. It is a new park and I have dealt with it, in my review.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Burroughs and Nady

I remember watching that Channel 4 one on one with Burroughs and he was roommates with X. Nady at El Mirage Apartments in Mission Valley. I wonder if there is any trouble at home with the two of them fighting for the same position at 3rd base. I bet Burroughs will refuse to take out the trash or pay the electric bill because he knows X. Nady hates that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ducksnorts has moved!

Ducksnorts has moved to a new site. I like the lay out of the new site a lot better. Well done Geoff.

That being said, did anybody hear Flan call it a "duck fart" last night? Jerry was so disappointed in him. He wouldn't even repeat it. What a gentleman. He requested that Tim Flannery call it a "Flare".

I wonder if Geoff considered calling his site "Duckfarts". It's catchy.

Oh yeah we've moved too, but PFS76 will still be around too.

Monday, March 21, 2005

We got the call... We goin' to the show, man... We goin' to the show...

Well, in an amazing turn of events... Blez from Athletic's Nation has asked us to blog for SportsBlogs Inc. Actually, he apprently asked Kevin, at Padres Nation then Geoff from Ducksnorts before finally, he got tired of rejection, and asked us.

Now you may say to yourself... (ahem, Jon and Sheona)... You may say to yourself that being the third choice out of like 5 choices ain't all that great. Well, I say to you, we're really easy. Easy to almost the point of being skanky. And while some baseball fans may like their blogs intellectual and thought provoking... Other fans like skanks. (That reminds me of a good story, from an opening day I went to with Jon. I'll post it on the new site, but suffice to say it ended with a slightly overweight, slightly skanky woman saying to me, "I got some free Cracker Jack right here." I don't know what that means either.)

So, if you want to read more about how we feel about Ted Leitner shaving his pubic hair or why jbox doesn't like the Pad Squad. Then come on over! We'll hold a spot for you.

Update: We'll be at Gaslamp Ball. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

Ugliest uniforms in baseball history

In the latest Astros Q&A on the official site, somebody asks what the worst uniforms were in modern baseball history, Astros or Padres. They ask Astros broadcaster, Jim Deshaies:
...most definitely, the Padres yellow and brown combination from the 1970s was worse than the Astros' orange-yellow-purple-red pattern.

"The mustardy-brown combination they had going on was really ugly," Deshaies said. "They've been good in recent times but that stands out to me."

Deshaies kind of liked the rainbow uniforms.

"They were ugly, but they were ugly/cool. The Padres thing was just ugly."
You know who else wore a rainbow on his shirt? Captain EO. Now you may think that rainbows are prettier than mustard and brown, and that's OK, but at least we didn't dress like Captain EO.

I watched a bit of the game yesterday on channel 4. I missed the broadcast the week before so this is the first I saw of it, but Bochy's got a sick goatee going. That's a good lookin' dude with that goatee. It somehow adds definition to his face. He always looked a little bit emotionless when they'd show him on TV, but now, he looks gritty and vivacious. Like a mountain man. I'm sure it will really do well with guys like Klesko, Nevin and Giles who can appreciate a well groomed man.

Also, jbox and I had a Guy's Night Out (GNO) on Friday and hit the bookstore and Jack-in-the-Box. Our normal GNO would have included a trip to Target, but this was abbreviated as Jon wasn't with us. I picked up a copy of San Diego Padres 1969-2002 A Complete History. Not very well titled I suppose. I've read up to 1978 so far. I'll post a review when I'm done, then let jbox read it. There's some great trivia questions though. I love trivia.

Finally, it looks like there's an active competition for third base. Nady at third would be awesome. Especially for my wife's cousin Sara. At the games she could shout from her family's seats at Nady and yell things like, "Yoohoo!" and "Tall dark and handsome! Over here!" Then when she catches his eye, she can bat her lashes a little bit and wave a little white hanky. When he gives her a wink in response, it will set her heart aflutter. Sara, it's true. Don't even deny it.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Former Padre Ego Retires

I don't think any former or current Padre had one the size of Roberto Alomar (dude, I'm talking about his ego here) who announced his retirement yesterday. I remember back in my husky days getting this guy's autograph on his rookie baseball card.

Afterward, I realized that I probably devalued the card by doing this. Turns out it didn't really matter as Alomar's on-the-field antics and fading career took this card's value with it. Adios Senor Alomar!

Padres Preview

Geoff from Ducksnorts has posted his Padres Preview at the Baseball Think Factory. I just finished reading it and there shouldn't be too many surprises if you already read his site. What I'm high on this season is our bench and bullpen. Last season was the first where I remember thinking, gosh we're kinda deep. This year should also be awesome as long as Sweeney keeps his entrance music.

We'll have to do our own preview and predictions. I can't imagine it being anything as informative as Geoff's, considering the kind of stuff we usually write about, but maybe we'll get lucky. I'm sure it will include predictions like, "Klesko will grow his hair out long again and return to previous form, a la Samson. This will also spark his return to shaking his head luxuriously after removing his batting helmet to get his golden locks out of his eyes." So be on the lookout!

In other news...
Brian Hiro of the NC Times profiles Aki Otsuka. Aki's not getting the attention he was and is starting to feel it:
"I'm sad," Otsuka said this week, laughing. "I want more attention."
Bochy better curb that. That growing ego will help no one. Ben Davis, Ruben Rivera... Aki Otsuka?