Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Padres Nicknames and Entrance Music

It's about that time for this. Let's go down the (potential) lineup. I'll be referring to this mostly:

Dave Roberts: Does he have a nickname? What about entrance music? Do you get entrance music for pinch running? If so, why? If not, why not? Oh, wait I got it here. Yeah! by Usher. That's good. Start off every game with the party anthem. We're here to have fun!

Loretta: Lowridah! Excellent in how seemingly inappropriate it is. One suggestion. He should just go all the way with the music that barely fits the player and use the Korn version of the tune. That's right, the one complete with the smokers coughing in the background and the bagpipes playing the main theme.

Phil Nevin: Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth. Driving guitars is always good for an entrance theme, but I have a better suggestion. Sweating Bullets off of the same album. You got the bass drum kicking and the slow guitars building right to the crazyman voice. "Hello, me. Meet the real me!" Everybody in the place will think he's psycho. It has the bonus effect of explaining away any nutty comments to the press.

Brian Giles: I think we should break out the J-Lo nickname machine and call him Bigli this year. Pronounced like Gigli to continue the J-Lo reference, and then switch his music to Everything's Gonna Be Alright by Naughty By Nature; A song used in the movie (according to imdb), completing the reference trifecta! That song also works as a theme as I predict he suddenly finds a huge bat during this contract year.

Ryan Klesko: Rhino. Bad to the Bone. That's how you do it. Now let's hit some home runs.

Khalil Greene: Blessed with a name that requires no nickname and yet, Spicoli? Do they really use that? Hopefully just in the clubhouse.

Sean Burroughs: "Sausage", "Burly", "Little Tubby". Whenever I'd go to games, Burroughs would have some random Mexican polka tune. Such a weird dude.

(Off topic... Leitner just now wished death on Barry Bonds on his radio show because of the whole steroids thing. I wonder if somebody who hated Cammy wished death on him after he revealed he had used roids in the MVP year. Bad taste this Leitner guy. He groups Bonds with O.J. Simpson, who I should probably remind you is an alleged murderer. Leitner's nuts. I'd probably look like a HOF broadcaster sitting in the booth with him.)

I'm so distracted now. I'll finish this later.

Oh yeah, and Brian Giles kinda wants to go to Atlanta

In the same article.

Giles is talking about wanting ot play with his brother Marcus in Atlanta. Those dudes used to play for Granite Hills High School in the Grossmont League isn't that enough? Anyway Bochy says that Marcus told him that he'd come to SD and play any position. It sounds like Bochy, Marcus, Brian and KT need to relax at a tanning salon and get this all worked out. Maybe bust a pedicure afterward. What's happened to baseball?

We had a guy on our baseball team named Jim Paid who played with those guys. He wouldn't stop bragging about it. He talked too much and really wasn't that good.

Anyway, KT may have really screwed the Pads:
If the Padres were to miss the playoffs and lose Giles in the winter, they'd have little to show for the trade that sent pitcher Oliver Perez and left fielder Jason Bay to the Pirates in August 2003.

Here's Giles complaining about Petco:
Giles readily acknowledged yesterday that, compared with Petco, it's easier to hit home runs in Pittsburgh's PNC Park, plus the NL Central parks in Houston, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Chicago. He also admitted that he's more suited to left field than Petco's large right field. But he said winning 87 games far exceeds any personal frustrations.

"Frosted Tips" Update!

This is huge news for a topic that was first reported here on PFS76. We're totally on top of this stuff. We broke the news on "Frosted Tips" before the Union Trib. Now we just have to find out where this tanniing salon is in Phoenix. This is exciting.

Brian Giles, boosting the free-spirit ranks thinned by David Wells' departure, told reporters about his favorite new tanning salon in Phoenix, the dye job that frosted his hair blond this winter and the many books he never read, save that nonbaseball classic "Lord of the Flies."

Aki says "It's OK"

I bet Jon wishes their were pictures with this article.
Loosened up by a hot massage, reliever Akinori Otsuka returned to the mound and reported no problems after a 45-pitch bullpen session. "It's OK," Otsuka said of a right shoulder that was tender.

Klesko still complaining about Petco Park

Just reading this UT article about how Klesko is thinking he'll be better this season now that his shoulder doesn't hurt.

I can't believe he's still whining about the size of Petco.
Klesko chased his first-half nightmare, particularly in September when he amassed a 1.077 combined slugging and on-base percentage. But he still considers Petco Park, the team's spacious home, a haunted house for would-be home run hitters.

"Nothing I can do; they built it," he said. "You've got to take all the lift out of your swing, and that's what I did. It's going to die out there. You're just shooting yourself in the foot trying to hit the ball in the air at home. You've just got to play with what you've got. I'll get on base as much as I can."

Oh and get this:
Klesko's nine home runs last year were a career low, but he also hit 32 doubles – 22 in the last three months of the season – in 402 at-bats. "People are like, 'You really had a bad season last year,' but I'm like, 'It wasn't that bad,' " Klesko said.

Hey Klesko you really did have a bad season last year.

Canseco and Bonds talkin' Steroids

I was watching a little "Hannity and Colmes" yesterday and Sean Hannity was interviewing Canseco.

The most ridiculous part is Canseco talking about how to compare home run hitting records of people using steroids to those who didn't. They shouldn't be records at all if the person used steroids. That's my opinion anyway. I think they should permanently be kicked outta baseball. That should send the message pretty quickly to the players.

CANSECO: I understand that, but how do you develop a rating system to say, OK, this individual on steroids is hitting 60 home runs a year, what do you do? Do you develop some kind of system to say, OK, we're going to take away 20 or 30 percent of his home runs per year? It's impossible to judge.

Bonds said a whole lotta nothing in his interview. He refused to deny his alleged steroid use. He blamed the media a ton. I take offense to that now that we have this blog. How dare YOU, sir!

Gwynn takes a shot at Winfield!

I like Gwynn taking a shot at Winfield right here. I found myself thinking the same thing yesterday. Wishing that Winfield didn't have to be convinced to go in as a Padre. I'd rather see a "real" Padre go in first.

Gwynn, now the baseball coach at San Diego State, was one of those thrilled to hear of yesterday's announcement.

"That's awesome," said Gwynn, clapping his hands as a big smile came across his face. "I'm happy for him. It's about time.

"I always told him he should be the first real Padre to go in. . . . As my career was coming to an end, he used to tell me I had a Hall of Fame career. I said, 'You should be a Hall of Famer before me.' "