Monday, February 28, 2005

Family plug

This has nothing to do with the Padres so stop reading if that bothers you. The following link does have a really hot picture of Brooke Burke though, so you may want to give it a chance.

John Sickels profiled the top Astros prospects recently. I haven't mentioned it anywhere on this blog before, but my brother-in-law is in the organization. There he is at number 14. Hoorah, Brooksy!

Trouble is, their top prospect was drafted in the first round same year as Brooks and he plays second as well. BOOO! In any case, Brooks reports for spring training this week and I'm sure he'll do his best. This is just a little something to wish him luck this season and continued success even though the pricks at Baseball America think he's a "scrappy overachiever" with no future on the club. How do you produce constantly as a top offensive threat on every team you play on in college and the pros and still get labeled an "overachiever"? He puts the same consistent numbers up at every level. An overachiever is a dude on roids bumping his slugging percentage up 100 points. If you do it the same way every single time and literally show no signs that there's anything abnormal... you're overachieving? Jerks.

Anyways. Back to your regularly scheduled Padres rants.

Devoted Padre Fan

So I'm recovering from a very short and exhausting weekend back in SD. Great seeing jbox and dex again. They wouldn't stop talking about this blog though. You would never guess it, but they're both real egotistical.

While in SD, I always make time to get a carne asada burrito at La Posta in Spring Valley. I know I'll have to clean some major house about an hour later, but it's a small price to pay for a taste of home. So I order my CAB and watching these guys make my food with their bare hands (please be advised that it says "A" health rating on the window, but I'm guessing they're really a "B" rating). I notice a family walk in to order up some grub. I couldn't help but notice the Dad had tats all over his arms.

My eye sight is deteriorating daily, but I know what I saw on this dude's forearm. He had a crazy huge "Padres" tattooed on his arm. My first thought was what a dumbass. But after thinking about it a bit more, I realized that this guy is truly devoted to his Padres. It really made me question my devotion to the Pads. It's true I'm fair-weather and hard on the players and management. Do I feel bad about that? Not really. Will I change my perspective? Probably never. My question is to you, the readers of this blog. At what lengths would you go to show your devotion to this constantly under achieving ball club? Tattoos, body paint, blogging?

Curiosity and a baseball dream

Geoff at Ducksnorts is hinting about something new and exciting happening over there. I'm so freakin' curious, it's killing me. Maybe he's just saying that to make people curious. Oh so devious and effective.

Last night I had a baseball dream. I dreamt I was at spring training and this old manager was quizzing me on who he was. He asked me who was on the '87 Mets rotation and I could only remember Dwight Gooden (checking Baseball Reference I got that right! Hooray dream self!).

It was really weird in that I couldn't figure out who this guy was and I didn't want to ask him to autograph a ball until I remembered. I can barely remember his hints now except for the '87 Mets rotation and career interrupted by war time. I think there was something about playing or managing Roberto Clemente and the Pirates.

Man, I wish I could remember. This is it. My Field of Dreams moment and I can't remember the dream. What do you want from me baseball gods!? What should I build!?

Now that I think about it, last night I attended a friend's Chaldean wedding. I'd never been to one, but the women in attendance have this thing where they make this high pitched "LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE!!!" noise. I thought about how great a heckle that would be for a fielder trying to catch a popup. Maybe this dream is the ghost of some old ballplayer who wants me to go heckle a player or a manager for him. Maybe an old rival.

We're going to Yankee stadium this summer. Maybe it's one of Zim's old rivals. Hmmmm...


Kevin Towers suspected Cami was using Steroids and now feels guilty

I don't have ESPN insider so I'm not sure what else this says:

Deadly Silence
Kevin Towers Padres GM Kevin Towers had suspected Ken Caminiti was using steroids. He tells ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney he kept silent because "it helped the organization and helped me."

Here's a little more:

Buster Olney's story appears in this week's issue of ESPN The Magazine, available on newstands Wednesday.

Ken Caminiti was the first player to admit using steroids. Now Padres general manager Kevin Towers, once Caminiti's boss, is the first person in baseball management to stand up and acknowledge that he said nothing about steroids for years because of box-office success.

If Caminiti's only problem was drinking, Towers believes he could have confronted that issue bluntly, talked to Caminiti about how he was ruining his life and career.

Very upsetting.


Here's some quotes from the insider piece:

And Towers is honest with himself. "Ifeel somewhat guilty, because I felt like I knew"

"I still don't know for sure, but Cammy came out and said that he used steroids, and I suspected. Selfishly, the guy was putting up numbers, and I didn't do anything about it. That's just the truth."

"The truth is, we're in a competitive business and these guys were putting up big numbers and helping your ballclub win games. You tended to turn your head on things. And it really wakes you up when someone you admire as a person is no longer around. You can't help but think, could I have done something differently four of five years ago that might have changed what happened to him?"

"I hate to be the one voice for the other 29 GMs, but I'd have to imagine that all of them, one point or other, had reason to think that a player on their ballclub was probably using, based on body changes and things that happened over the winter."

"... If he's not there, not only am I not wearing a ring, who knows if I'm still a general manager? Those were three of the best years we ever had."

Pads lock up Peavy 'til '09

This UT article reports that Peavy and Towers reached a deal worth $15 million.