Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"Broadway theater, man..."

"...One of the greatest cultural arts of all time." - Ted Leitner. March 8, 2005

Flan and Ted are talking about broadway and parades on the Padres broadcast right now. Now Ted just said, "I met Michael Crawford who played the Phantom... WOOOO! What a talent... I got goosebumps." And Flan followed up by saying he weeps when he watches broadway shows because they're so beautiful. Then they talked about how great it is to do broadcasts together because they can talk about musicals.

You see what happens, Padres fans?! You see what happens? This is what happens in the 9th inning of boring games! Here's what happens, Padres fans! This is what happens when in the 9th inning of boring games!

Updated: 18-5 Padres. They never did get back to talking about Broadway musicals. That would've been great.

Paul McAnulty

This guy is cracking me up with his quotes:
"I'm trying, man; I'm trying to make this club right here,"
McAnulty talking about John Kruk and Pole, man.
"Yeah, I've heard I'm a 'bad-body' guy," said the 5-foot-10, 220-pounder from Oxnard. "It doesn't matter to me none, man. John Kruk and Matt Stairs – those guys raked in the big leagues for a lot of years. They could swing the pole. I take it as a compliment."
Nice little shot at Klesko here. Take that Klesko.
In his first chance he landed a home run in Petco Park's right-field seats – which Padres lefties Ryan Klesko and Sean Burroughs never reached all season.

"It was a big deal to me, even though I didn't show it," McAnulty said. "I was pumped out of my gourd. I got around the bases faster than I regularly do."
Put this guy on the club! I like him!
"I'll play anywhere one through nine in the lineup," he said. "I'll even go behind the dish if they want me to."