Monday, March 07, 2005

MLB 2005 and Guys Night In

So Dex, Jon and I have been playing this MLB 2005 that Dex got the other day. We've been playing for hours. I started out playing Jon. Jon was using Seattle cuz he has a huge crush on Ichiro and he doesn't care who knows it. I'm rollin' with the Pads. Ichiro is up first pitch from Peavy right in the head. ICHIRO CHARGES THE MOUND! HE'S EJECTED! Peavy has got an injured finger. Now Jon doesn't know what to do with his team with out Ichiro. He beats me pretty bad though. I blame Nevin.

Second game I play Dex, he's the Mets.

Jon: Why are you the METS????
Dex: Cuz of Pedro, dude.
Dex's wife: Who likes Pedro?

Jon is crazy. Anyway somehow I hit like 8 or 9 home runs off of Dex and a ton of doubles. I end with like 24 hits. We are amazed. Everybody is hitting home runs. Nevin, Klesko, Greene, Loretta, Peavy and Burroughs has like 3 home runs and hasn't recorded an out yet. I don't know what's going on. The game finishes 14 to 2. This is a good sign for the pads this season.

This games got some home run, pitching and hitting mini games. Looks pretty fun.

UPDATE: Dex and I are making references to this website and Jon has no idea what we are talking about. We just realized Jon doesn't read this site. He thinks we're boring. I guess we need to put up more pictures of Ichiro to attract Jon.

Speaking of Ben

Anyone rembember this former heart-throb of the Padres?

I didn't realize Ben Davis is with the White Sox now. Looking forward to that series.

You tell me if this sounds like a guy worth $1.4 million/year?

A tall switch-hitter, Davis looks dangerous at the plate. Looks are deceiving, however, as he has huge holes in his swing and shaky strike zone judgment. He's a little better from the left side than the right. He has power but doesn't often get to use it. Davis is a marginal receiver and has become a target for basestealers, stopping only 24.5 percent of their steal attempts last season after getting 31.9 percent in 2003 and 44 percent in '02. He runs like a catcher.

On a side note, jbox and I saw this guy at Ralphs in Mission Valley a few years ago. He's a very pretty dude.

jbox: I also saw that guy at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala he was real tall. He was 7 ft tall if he was a foot.

Down at Ben Johnson's Creek

Ben Johnson is going off! He got a little ink in the ol' fish wrap today. Then he hits a home run in the small game today and a hard hit double in the big game.

"He's carried himself like he has a sense of belonging," manager Bruce Bochy said. "He's opened some eyes."

Breaking News: Padres beat the Angels! 4-0

No team has been able to score off our starting pitchers yet!

W: Adam Eaton (1-0) L: Dusty Bergman (0-1)

Celebrity Padres Fans

UPDATE: I remember the real reason why I started writing this thing. Are there any Celeb Pads Fans? I kinda like the fact that there aren't any cheezy celebs rooting for the Pads. Anybody I'm forgetting?

I was trying to think of which Rappers have worn Padres gear. I remembered Jay-Z aka Jigga aka Hova aka Sean Carter wearing a Padres Jersey in his "Girls, Girls, Girls" video. I found this old cached article on MTV news.

This lastest wave is probably Audie 5K now...
The latest wave of hip-hop battles has nothing to do with who's the nicest on the mic or even which DJ is sharpest when it comes to cutting up records. Rappers are currently engaged in fashion one-upmanship — more specifically, striving to rockthe hottest athletic jersey.

here's the mention...
In his video for "Girls, Girls, Girls," he wears a 1982 San Diego Padres top and 1947 Washington Redskins jersey.

I saw Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka P-Diddy aka Sean John, etc. wearing Padres gear once too. Xzibit wore some gear on "Pimp My Ride". Can you think of anybody else supporting the Pads? They probably care less about the team, but at least they like the pretty colors of the jerseys.

Here's one other mention on MTV news:
The San Diego Padres may have finished six games out of first place in the National League West last season, but they're determined to at least have the best theme music in the Majors. So they launched "Rock the Padres," a call to musicians to pen the official theme for the 2005 season. Fans can go to and choose from more than 120 submissions, from acts like the Buckos, Atomic Groove Featuring Carrie Weiland and, um, Gary Hoey (who scored an actual radio hit in 1993 with the song "Hocus Pocus"). Voting ends on Sunday. ...

Funny thing is here they are making fun of Gary Hoey and yet he won.

I Too Hate Jayson Werth

I can still visualize the hate Dex had that day at Petco. I've never seen him so angry and violent, since our days at UCSD. I was at that game with my Dad, sitting right next to Dex and his in-laws in section 120. Even my Dad commented on how pissed Dex was that afternoon.

Just to add insult to injury, Werth actually went 0-for-5, with 4Ks. I believe that is commonly known as the "golden sombrero." That was also Steve Finely's first game with the Dodgers. I so wish we landed that guy last year.

I remember thinking that this game really defined how the season would end, and how we would be LA's bitch. The next day, I heard Finley on the Jim Rome show talking about how that game had so much playoff atmosphere, and how it's great to be a Dodger.

Why I Dislike Jayson Werth

My father-in-law pointed out to me that Jayson Werth was injured last week. Even though the competitive spirit in me would much rather beat down a healthy Dodgers team, the little demon in me had a good laugh at Werth's expense.

There's two reasons why I dislike Werth. First, and this is a childish one, as Jess said to me the other day, "I know I shouldn't say this, but that's a really gay way to spell Jason. And I don't mean homosexual." I know what she means. More like "gay" when Eminem says it. I apologize if any of our readers spell their names Eminem gay.

Second requires a little story: I was at a game with my wife and my in-laws. We were playing the Dodgers. Werth was having a notably unspectacular game. He'd been struck out 3 times already and the fans in the left field bleachers were giving him the business. There were some loudmouths nearby yelling about this and that. Difficult to tell who they were even rooting for, but I mostly kept to myself.

Some time, late in the game, the Dodgers take the lead. I believe it was on a devastatingly long Shawn Green homerun. Maybe it was Bradley. I don't quite remember, but in the Padres half of the inning, Werth runs out to his spot in left field and holds his finger up to his mouth like saying, "SShhhhh" to everybody in the left field stands.

Well, let me tell you... I nearly shit my pants. I jumped up from my seat in section 122.. Left field's foul territory... And I proceeded to tear into Werth. I think I said something along the lines of "YOU CAN'T TALK BUSHLEAGUER! YOU GOT THREE K'S ON THE DAY! YOU'VE DONE NOTHING YOU WORTHLESS JACKASS!" I don't think I cursed, but who knows. Later, Jess said that the girl sitting next to her mentioned that I was so angry, my entire body was trembling.

Werth hears me, turns and I just give him hell till I turn blue in the face, to which he promptly brushes his shoulders off in that cocky Jay-Z kinda way, then takes off his hat and looks at it and nods. Like saying, hey I'm a Dodger... aint' that something? So I freak out, foaming at the mouth, and I give it to him a little bit more. The loudmouths nearby were shocked at my sudden display. Even they were a little embarrassed for me.

Fast forward to bottom of the twelfth. We got a man on. Khalil is up to bat. Two down. A rookie with class, unlike this prick, Werth, in left field. Khalil can win it right here with a homerun. We've fallen behind by one run thanks to old man Ventura. Pitch comes in. He crushes it. Everybody's on their feet. Werth sprints back to the wall. He's got his hand on the wall. He's going to try to time a jump. He's waiting... waiting... He steps forward slowly and catches it in the middle of the warning track. The air goes right out of the stadium. Werth turns to the left field stands and takes a bow. Then as he runs off he gives me a toodle-loo wave.

By then, I was exhausted and too weak to respond. I was probably dehydrated from all the shouting and crapping of my pants with rage. We went home defeated.

So... Even though I wouldn't go so far as to actually have wished injury on somebody, I do have to say that I hope it hurt like hell when he broke his arm, and I can't wait to watch him strike out three more times against us during the season. I just better make sure to wear some old pants.

Updated: Just read Kev's update. I had completely forgotten it was extra innings. And old man Ventura was the one who hit the shot. It's coming back to me now. Those monster blasts by Green and Bradley must've happened some other time. It was a shot by pinch hitting Ventura. I even remember saying, "easy out". Baseball karma I guess.

Updated: Fixed the story to coincide my poor memory with reality.