Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pads Beat the A's 5-1

I'm almost postive that was the score, but I turned off the game towards the end. Matt Vasgersian and Mudd were buggin' just a bit. It'll be nice when T. Gwynn gets in the booth for Channel 4 this season. This was the first televised game of the year.

Anyway, Nevin actually had a good game. Apparently he's ready to lead the team this year (in something besides whining). Actually this article is funny because it talks about how Nevin is always in a bad mood and just a crusty irascible cantankerous curmudgeon. There are a lot of good quotes in here, a good read.

It's a little thing called irony. A ray of sunshine, he is not.

"We nicknamed him 'Sunshine' because he could always find something wrong," says Padres manager Bruce Bochy.

For his first six years with the Padres, and actually before then, Nevin's personality could be seen as more of a dark cloud than a sunny day. He could carry a scowl as intimidating as his swing and toss around some serious verbal venom, be it in the clubhouse or occasionally even into the stands. No one could snap quite so sharply as Sunshine.

I kinda wish Nevin was on another team, because he would be so easy to heckle.

Here's a good article on Greene in the UT today. Also, here's an MLB article on his slow start (although he had a good game today with some big hits).

Oh and as Dex pointed out we got name checked by David and mentioned as one of his favorite new blogs. Ahhh Dang! The bicentennial quarter is a nice touch.

Pad Squad Comments

Dex was telling me that we are getting a lot of comments on an old PFS76 article about the Pad Squad. I'm not sure how people are finding this article. Maybe someone is linking to it.

Please allow me to respond to your comments dear readers:

Anonymous said:
You guys are all really sad sad people. You go to a baseball game and complain about people who are trying to help you. If you have nothing better to do than watch people doing their job and complain about it, then you definately have no life. At least the Pad Squad is doing something. You guys are pathetic.

Dear Anonymous,
Are you a Pad Squader? You seem real angry about this dumb article. I'd like to interview you if you are. How exactly is the Pad Squad trying to help me? Would be my first question. When you say "at least the Pad Squad is doing something" are you talking about shooting T-Shirts with a water balloon launcher or letting your egos grow bigger than Barry Bonds head? BTW I complain because I care.

Padres Honkey said:
Bros, where did you get those photos of the Pad Squad teams. Do you know where to get more of them?

I also agree about the intense chick being hot. You can just tell she just loves her Padres.

For the most part, the Pad Squad was pretty cool to me. I know my mom told me not to take candy from strangers. By the way, you're kinda creepy with that Jelly Belly crap.

Now that I think about it, I would have gotten scared of you too. You weren't wearing a trench coat or anything were you?

Why don't you stop scaring young girls and just watch the ballgame.

Dear Padres Honkey,
First let me say that I like your name. I enjoyed your comment very much. I'm glad you had a good experience with the Pad Squad. I'll try and take your advice and stop scaring Pad Squad by offering them sweet delicious candies. But I must say that you seem way too eager to get your hands on more Pad Squad team photos. That my friend was a bit creepy. That being said... just do a google image search for "pad squad" and you can get your filthy pervy hands all over some team photos.

Fightin' Words

The Dayton Daily News' baseball guy, Hal McCoy, compares Darrel May to a dog. It's just one of his bullet points and the registration required to read it is tedious so here's his comment:
This is where baseball is ... and why left-handed pitchers can walk to the mound with sun glasses, a cane and a dog.

San Diego's Darrell May has a 25-39 career record, but is guaranteed $3.225 million this year, and the Padres figure him as their No. 5 starter.

Is it appropriate that he'll be pitching in Petco Park?
Hey, McCoy! Your mother's a left handed pitcher! Actually, he's probablly right. If I have a son, I'm gonna teach him how to pitch left handed knuckleballs. I'll probably ask the doctor to go ahead and replace a couple ligaments in his elbows after he's born. You know, while the tissues are soft. Give him a leg up for little league.