Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bochy tells Nevin and Klesko to stop whining...

... but pretends to lecture the whole team. In this article, I found it most worrying that Kevin Towers is a wine snob.
Complaining about Petco Park last year, Padres hitters poured more "whine" than General Manager Kevin Towers has in his vintage collection that numbers more than 700 bottles.

I know we have snobs running this team, but could we at least try and down play that a bit?

Dex and I were playing some new XBox baseball game at Best Buy today. Man that is pretty fun. If I had an XBox and a ton of money I'd totally want to play that. They got some good graphics and it seems pretty easy to play. They also got some real up to date lineups. They even have minor league teams. Klesko looks real retarded though... which I guess proves how good the graphics are! Just kidding Klesko. Jeez.

[Don't let this guy fool you. He's got enough to get the exact setup they got at Best Buy. Reclining chairs and everything. -Dex]

Exclusive Pad Squad Interview

So Dex, Jon and I went to the Hot Dog Taste Test today at Parkway Plaza today. More on that later...

But the Pad Squad was there and I took the opportunity to interview one of them. She was event staff last year and so this will be her first Pad Squad year. She's a rookie, but the "real" pad squadders were this guy "Gloves" and this chick "Dimples". The guy looked like he took his job real seriously. Like re-loading the Friar's pockets with toys. I was afraid he'd get mad at me for asking him questions and he was trying to put the moves on the "Dimples" so I had to stick with the rookie.

First I started with small talk:

jbox: What's the best part about being a Pad Squadder? Don't say "the people"

Pad Squad Girl: I guess the work in the community.

jbox: So you're saying it's the people?

PSG: I guess.

jbox: What's the worst part?

PSG: I guess the work with the community also, cuz sometimes you get weird people coming up to you.

(I don't know if she was trying to insult me. But I took it as an insult. TOUCHE PAD SQUAD! TOUCHE!)

Later I came back for more:

jbox: What's your Pad Squad nickname?

PSG: I don't have one.

jbox: That's a shame. You'll need to get one. What's the second best thing about being a Pad Squader?

PSG: Being able to hang out at the Ballpark.

jbox: Hmmm. Okay are there any "social advantages" to being a pad squadder? (I do a lot a winking at this point)

PSG: I'm not sure...

jbox: What's your second favorite team? (This was a trick question.)

PSG: The Giants.

(An event staffer recognized the trick and started kinda yelling at her.)

jbox: Is that a chick or a dude in the friar outfit?

PSG: Both, but mostly dudes.

jbox: So sometimes there are girls in there?

PSG: No.

Well there you have it. That's a PFS76 exclusive. Man I hate those guys.

I got pictures on the way.