Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ben Davis Follow Up

Ted and Flan talking about Ben Davis. Flan was saying Ben Davis left a ball game in the 12th inning because he had to go to Church. Piccolo couldn't believe it. Bochy said "he's gonna need God when he comes back".

Ted: He pulled that with me one time by leaving an interview in the middle because he had to go.

Ted: He came in here thinking he was was Johnny Bench and let me tell you he wasn't Mrs. Johnny Bench.

Flan: Ben Davis wouldn't warm up a pitcher, even though he was the back up catcher. He said "I don't warm up pitchers".

Ted: Wally Joyner publically bad mouthed Ben Davis. If you got Wally bad mouthing you then you got problems.

Ted: Ben Davis did not take rookie ribbing very well.

Flan: Now you know why I like guys like Paul McAnulty

What Did Jerry Do Today? Vol. II

(Have I just missed what he said the last 5 or 6 games? Oh well.)

He went downstairs for the freebie breakfast, but they had cleaned it up already. He made a mental note to tell somebody to save him some food tomorrow.


I've been to Fenway and among the greatest things to me were the vendors on the street selling t-shirts. Boston was playing Seattle, but there were plenty of "Yankees Suck, Jeter Swallows" and "Wake up the damn Bambino..." t-shirts to be had. (Right up there was singing Sweet Caroline in the 9th, watching Ichiro get caught stealing, and watching Ichiro go up the wall to rob a homerun, only to have his hand come down and the ball pop out.)

Anyways, back to the t-shirts. San Diego really needs some good bootleg t-shirts. I understand that San Diego is pretty restrictive when it comes to street vendors, but I may have to fight past the restrictions in order to get a forum for other people to appreciate my t-shirt slogan creativity.

Or I could just post them here, I guess.

How are these:
1. Front: "I Blame Nevin"
Back: "Padres Fan Since '76"

2. Front: "Forecast: Fair"
Back: "Padres Fan Since '76"

3. Front: "Coleman is a well hung star"
Back: "Padres Fan Since '76"

Or how bout a whole series of Coleman shirts. On the front you have a stencilized picture of Coleman a la Andre the Giant, and underneath it says "So whaddya do today?" Then on the back a variety of things like, "I took a shower and the curtain fell on me", "I went for a walk", or "I had lunch with Phil Rizzuto".

Man that'd be classic. I wonder who I have to talk to to make this happen? Do I have copyright protection on this blog? Can't let this stuff loose for free! Everything copyright Dex PFS76 2005!

Petco Park: A Review

Well after a full season with the new ball park I figured I'd throw out some pros and cons to the park. I'll just do my Top 10 pros and cons.

1. Nice location near the bay and in the middle of down town.
2. Western Metal Supply Building and field looks real nice
3. I like how they scan your ticket. Also if you buy tickets on line all you gotta do is swipe your credit card to get in. That's sick.
4. Park in the park is a nice idea. Nice for the kids to run wild.
5. Bigger seats for bigger butts. The seats are rotated towards the field. More leg room.
6. More food choices. Restaurant type atmosphere.
7. I'm starting to struggle to think of pros. It's nice that you can find free street parking without too much trouble and nice little walk.
8. I bet those box seats are nice. I'd like to go in one sometime.
9. Really struggling now. Oh I like that giant Sand Box in center field aka "the kitty litter box"
10. I like the fact that there are designated standing areas where you can watch the game.

1. Not enough Restrooms or they aren't big enough. Never once did I have to wait in line at Qualcomm Stadium. Now I'm waiting in line and it's crazy dirty. They looked nice when they were new, but with that many people using a small bathroom they get filthy.
2. You can't just walk straight to a place in the ball park. You have to climb stairs and turn corners, take elevators, avoid security guards, walk down ramps, weave through Pad Squadders... etc.
3. Sometimes it's hard just to find an exit.
4. Those seats on top of the Western Metal Supply aren't for Padres Fans. They are ALWAYS being used for Corporate Suits doing their big business. The entire area on top is ALWAYS roped off for big wig execs.
5. There isn't much unique to San Diego about the park. Couldn't they have given it a mission theme or something?
6. They shoulda put the walk ways behind the seats instead of in front. You have people walking in front of you in View the entire time. I don't like those employees holding signs to make you wait to go to your seat between pitches either.
7. Everything is so expensive. Seats, food, parking, gear...
8. You can't have enough Day games because of the location. That kinda sucks. I love a good day game. I think the park looks a lot better in the day without all the flashing Ads, which brings us to...
9. So many Ads, it was worse when it first opened. The scoreboard was so distracting.
10. Park in the Park doesn't have much of a view and they kick you out when they have firework shows. "Hey I paid for my park in the park seat, you can't kick me out in the 7th inning! Maybe I can't afford a real seat like those big wigs but you can't kick me out!" This actually happened to me.

NL Teams using the DH in home games

Why don't they just change the rules even more and use "ghost runners"?

The Cincinnati Reds were given permission last weekend to use a DH in five home games starting Thursday so that Ken Griffey Jr. can bat without playing the field. In spring training, the DH usually is used only at the home parks of American League teams.

The Giants GM wants Bonds to be a DH too.
"After I read that the Reds had approached MLB on this issue and were granted approval, I decided to call MLB myself and ask that Barry be accorded the same privilege while he recovers from his knee surgery," Giants assistant general manager Ned Colletti said. "What MLB told me was that as long as we offered the visiting team the same opportunity to use a DH during one of our home games and contacted MLB before we do it, it would be OK.

"I can't imagine a team saying no to this," Colletti said. "They would have the same opportunity to give a batter at-bats using the DH rule."