Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Williams: "I'm a big boy"

This is from a STLtoday.com article:
"I'm a big boy," Williams said. "I told my wife at the end of the season, 'I'll probably be moving on next year anyway, regardless of what they want to do.'

"Having to hear it from reporters (that the Cardinals didn't have interest) is not a bad thing, but it was not the way I wanted to hear it. That's all right. It's over and done and time to move on."

That Ray Lankford trade worked out real bad, I think every Padres fan saw this coming except for KT:
Padres general manager Kevin Towers, who soon regretted trading Williams for Lankford, at least got a "mulligan" in getting Williams back nearly four years later.

"At the time, I thought Lankford might catch lightning in a bottle here," Towers said. "He was always a Padre killer, and maybe I fell too much in love with what he did against the Padres rather than what he did against everybody else. I probably didn't appreciate at the time what Woody brought to a staff. There was a huge void once Woody left.

I bet the Cards wish they had a big boy on their roster.

Gammons on Towers

Gammons makes some comments regarding Kevin Towers and Cansecogate (Steroidgate?) in general. Here's a couple of bits I like:
When players (or anyone) rail on Jose Canseco for trying to make a buck off the steroids issue, they should be dismissed because what in the world were the guys who used steroids trying to do? Make money. Not to pick on Jason Giambi, but since he has admitted to steroid use, that $128 million kind of tells us that it worked for him, eh?

I agree completely. There may be plenty of reasons to dislike Canseco, but cashing in by informing on your peers is an American tradition.
The one conclusion we can draw now is that this era has reminded us just how great Henry Aaron, Willie Mays and Frank Robinson really were.

It's true. Fully integrated league. Higher pitcher's mound working against them. None of this drug talk. So awesome.

Update: I'm being a little sarcastic with the first comment, but totally serious with the second. Just so's I don't confuse anybody.

UPDATE: KT and Cami

Here's the UT article with more information on Kevin Towers and his knowledge of Cami's steroid use.

"I did not know," he said. "I had to look myself in the mirror. Was there something I could do in my first years that could have changed his outcome? I don't know."

I saw a TV interview with Tony Gwynn yesterday about this issue and Gwynn said he never suspected Cami of using steroids. He also doesn't think Bonds uses steroids. He said "... why would you when you're that good?" Hmmmm...

Here's a nice article on Cami and his legacy from the UT by Tim Sullivan.
If his disclosures and his demise served to speed baseball's efforts to curb illicit chemistry, Cammy may not have died in vain.

Talk of retiring Cami's #21:
Specific plans are still being formulated for the observance, but Freeman said he does not think it's the right time to retire Caminiti's No. 21.

"I don't know if we'd ever do it or not," Freeman said. "We've never really talked about it on an organizational basis. . . . I've gotten some e-mails from fans, but we've never gotten to the point where it is something we would do in the immediate future."

It seems like the Padres want to forget about Garvey:
Retiring Steve Garvey's No. 6 was rash. Retiring Caminiti's jersey could mean backlash.

"I highly endorse it," said Padres reliever Trevor Hoffman. "As a former teammate of Cammy's, and knowing the history of the organization, I think it's kind of a no-brainer.

Aren't you glad you're a Padres fan?

Even Klesko and Nevin wouldn't do this right?