Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Padres and Yoga

Anybody know the difference between Yoga and Pilates? Thankfully I don't either.

Do you remember stories about Ted Williams swinging an axe all off-season? Or swinging three weighted bats until he couldn't lift his arms?

What's happened to today's baseball players and especially the Padres doing both Yoga and Pilates?

I didn't even read this article I was so disgusted. I'm sure it's much better for you and helps and all, but come on! I like my baseball teams like I like my coffee, HOT! I guess if yoga and pilates is gonna help with that then I'll let them slide... for now.

Uhhh yeah... lemme throw the focus on Klesko quick:

But the consensus is that yoga will help the 2005 Padres.

"I love it – all the guys love it," said left fielder Ryan Klesko, who joined the pitchers for yesterday's session. "It's been good for my hips."

You would love it Klesko! Stop talking about your hips, dude. Nobody cares!

Spring Cleaning

No game today, so I did a little tidying up around here. Spring cleaning if you will.

First off, I finally removed that poll on the sidebar there. I think it had ceased to work for some time now. Peavy won, in case you were wondering. I also added some links. First off is David's blog. He's said really nice things about us and comments regularly. He also offers opinions on baseball. That's always good.

The other link there is a PFS76 project. I've finally decided to harness my annoyance towards Ted Leitner in a useful way. Maybe you've noticed the What Did Jerry Do Today? posts. If you didn't know, Ted Leitner likes to ask Jerry Coleman what he does from day to day. Now, Jerry Coleman is no longer a young man, and though he does lead an interesting life, his day to day stories are droll at best, banal at worst. I thought it would make for interesting reading to gather them all together. I was doing it here whenever I had the chance. I think I got four... out of 11 games or so. I've come to the conclusion that they're too tough to keep up with. Between doing other things, watching the game on TV or in person, and just not paying attention while listening to Leitner drone, I'm positive I'll miss them and I'd like to be more complete in the regular season. So I'm going to try to remedy by creating a new blog that gathers together his daily items. If you notice that I missed a day, and you feel so inclined, post a quick description in the comments there. It would be very helpful.

Finally, by popular demand, I signed us up for a vanity e-mail address at Padres.com. If you need to get a hold of us, and are too shy to comment anonymously, you can e-mail us there. Or I guess if there's some bit of news that we miss, or if you want us to make an appearance at a birthday party for some reason, you can state your intentions there as well.