Monday, March 07, 2005

MLB 2005 and Guys Night In

So Dex, Jon and I have been playing this MLB 2005 that Dex got the other day. We've been playing for hours. I started out playing Jon. Jon was using Seattle cuz he has a huge crush on Ichiro and he doesn't care who knows it. I'm rollin' with the Pads. Ichiro is up first pitch from Peavy right in the head. ICHIRO CHARGES THE MOUND! HE'S EJECTED! Peavy has got an injured finger. Now Jon doesn't know what to do with his team with out Ichiro. He beats me pretty bad though. I blame Nevin.

Second game I play Dex, he's the Mets.

Jon: Why are you the METS????
Dex: Cuz of Pedro, dude.
Dex's wife: Who likes Pedro?

Jon is crazy. Anyway somehow I hit like 8 or 9 home runs off of Dex and a ton of doubles. I end with like 24 hits. We are amazed. Everybody is hitting home runs. Nevin, Klesko, Greene, Loretta, Peavy and Burroughs has like 3 home runs and hasn't recorded an out yet. I don't know what's going on. The game finishes 14 to 2. This is a good sign for the pads this season.

This games got some home run, pitching and hitting mini games. Looks pretty fun.

UPDATE: Dex and I are making references to this website and Jon has no idea what we are talking about. We just realized Jon doesn't read this site. He thinks we're boring. I guess we need to put up more pictures of Ichiro to attract Jon.


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