Monday, March 07, 2005

Celebrity Padres Fans

UPDATE: I remember the real reason why I started writing this thing. Are there any Celeb Pads Fans? I kinda like the fact that there aren't any cheezy celebs rooting for the Pads. Anybody I'm forgetting?

I was trying to think of which Rappers have worn Padres gear. I remembered Jay-Z aka Jigga aka Hova aka Sean Carter wearing a Padres Jersey in his "Girls, Girls, Girls" video. I found this old cached article on MTV news.

This lastest wave is probably Audie 5K now...
The latest wave of hip-hop battles has nothing to do with who's the nicest on the mic or even which DJ is sharpest when it comes to cutting up records. Rappers are currently engaged in fashion one-upmanship — more specifically, striving to rockthe hottest athletic jersey.

here's the mention...
In his video for "Girls, Girls, Girls," he wears a 1982 San Diego Padres top and 1947 Washington Redskins jersey.

I saw Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka P-Diddy aka Sean John, etc. wearing Padres gear once too. Xzibit wore some gear on "Pimp My Ride". Can you think of anybody else supporting the Pads? They probably care less about the team, but at least they like the pretty colors of the jerseys.

Here's one other mention on MTV news:
The San Diego Padres may have finished six games out of first place in the National League West last season, but they're determined to at least have the best theme music in the Majors. So they launched "Rock the Padres," a call to musicians to pen the official theme for the 2005 season. Fans can go to and choose from more than 120 submissions, from acts like the Buckos, Atomic Groove Featuring Carrie Weiland and, um, Gary Hoey (who scored an actual radio hit in 1993 with the song "Hocus Pocus"). Voting ends on Sunday. ...

Funny thing is here they are making fun of Gary Hoey and yet he won.


At 11:01 AM, Anonymous David said...

Gary Hoey's song is weak. Rookie Card got hosed.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Dex said...

The Padres organization loves the 80s style jams.

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Geoff said...

Brad Pitt wore a Pads lid in Spy Game (which I haven't seen).

At 2:21 PM, Blogger jbox said...

That's true, I think Pitt's character was supposed to be from Hemet, CA.


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