Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Decision's Been Made

I've decided on a baseball videogame. MVP Baseball 2005 it is. At Target it was only $10 more than ESPN 2K5, so I'm doing this. I just finished watching the intro, and now I'm setting up the profile. Name: Dex. Favorite Team: San Diego. League: MLB.

Let's see now. It's setting me up... OK I'm gonna play this for a bit. More as I go...

Update 3:28PM: I'm going to try the batting mini game first. Phil Nevin vs Kevin Brown. Simply classic. Or at least as classic as us short memory spanned fairweather fans in San Diego like it. I'm supposed to try to hit it to certain spots. Let's see how this goes. I like the music.

3:30PM: OK I failed my round. Man, I may need some work on this game...


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous David said...

I believe that game's soundtrack features local band Louis XIV, although the song, "Finding Out That True Love Is Blind" is way overplayed. They're a hell of a band though. Nice guys too - or at least I can say that about the bass player, who until recently bartended at the Whistle Stop. Anyway, there's your San Diego connection.


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