Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oh yeah, and Brian Giles kinda wants to go to Atlanta

In the same article.

Giles is talking about wanting ot play with his brother Marcus in Atlanta. Those dudes used to play for Granite Hills High School in the Grossmont League isn't that enough? Anyway Bochy says that Marcus told him that he'd come to SD and play any position. It sounds like Bochy, Marcus, Brian and KT need to relax at a tanning salon and get this all worked out. Maybe bust a pedicure afterward. What's happened to baseball?

We had a guy on our baseball team named Jim Paid who played with those guys. He wouldn't stop bragging about it. He talked too much and really wasn't that good.

Anyway, KT may have really screwed the Pads:
If the Padres were to miss the playoffs and lose Giles in the winter, they'd have little to show for the trade that sent pitcher Oliver Perez and left fielder Jason Bay to the Pirates in August 2003.

Here's Giles complaining about Petco:
Giles readily acknowledged yesterday that, compared with Petco, it's easier to hit home runs in Pittsburgh's PNC Park, plus the NL Central parks in Houston, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Chicago. He also admitted that he's more suited to left field than Petco's large right field. But he said winning 87 games far exceeds any personal frustrations.


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