Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Canseco and Bonds talkin' Steroids

I was watching a little "Hannity and Colmes" yesterday and Sean Hannity was interviewing Canseco.

The most ridiculous part is Canseco talking about how to compare home run hitting records of people using steroids to those who didn't. They shouldn't be records at all if the person used steroids. That's my opinion anyway. I think they should permanently be kicked outta baseball. That should send the message pretty quickly to the players.

CANSECO: I understand that, but how do you develop a rating system to say, OK, this individual on steroids is hitting 60 home runs a year, what do you do? Do you develop some kind of system to say, OK, we're going to take away 20 or 30 percent of his home runs per year? It's impossible to judge.

Bonds said a whole lotta nothing in his interview. He refused to deny his alleged steroid use. He blamed the media a ton. I take offense to that now that we have this blog. How dare YOU, sir!


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