Saturday, February 26, 2005

Exclusive Pad Squad Interview

So Dex, Jon and I went to the Hot Dog Taste Test today at Parkway Plaza today. More on that later...

But the Pad Squad was there and I took the opportunity to interview one of them. She was event staff last year and so this will be her first Pad Squad year. She's a rookie, but the "real" pad squadders were this guy "Gloves" and this chick "Dimples". The guy looked like he took his job real seriously. Like re-loading the Friar's pockets with toys. I was afraid he'd get mad at me for asking him questions and he was trying to put the moves on the "Dimples" so I had to stick with the rookie.

First I started with small talk:

jbox: What's the best part about being a Pad Squadder? Don't say "the people"

Pad Squad Girl: I guess the work in the community.

jbox: So you're saying it's the people?

PSG: I guess.

jbox: What's the worst part?

PSG: I guess the work with the community also, cuz sometimes you get weird people coming up to you.

(I don't know if she was trying to insult me. But I took it as an insult. TOUCHE PAD SQUAD! TOUCHE!)

Later I came back for more:

jbox: What's your Pad Squad nickname?

PSG: I don't have one.

jbox: That's a shame. You'll need to get one. What's the second best thing about being a Pad Squader?

PSG: Being able to hang out at the Ballpark.

jbox: Hmmm. Okay are there any "social advantages" to being a pad squadder? (I do a lot a winking at this point)

PSG: I'm not sure...

jbox: What's your second favorite team? (This was a trick question.)

PSG: The Giants.

(An event staffer recognized the trick and started kinda yelling at her.)

jbox: Is that a chick or a dude in the friar outfit?

PSG: Both, but mostly dudes.

jbox: So sometimes there are girls in there?

PSG: No.

Well there you have it. That's a PFS76 exclusive. Man I hate those guys.

I got pictures on the way.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Jefe de Jefes said...

I was inspired by your post on the Squad and went to Parkway myself.

I didn't see any of the members there. Was I just drunken with dogs?

PS The dog with the toothpick was the best. As for the green toothpicked do, I could taste the nitrates.

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should try to get more interviews. I bet you could get some better crap from more people. Inverview the ones that have been around for a while...or even the ones you "don't like". That would be interesting....ask questions they don't get all the time or expect.


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