Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ben Davis Follow Up

Ted and Flan talking about Ben Davis. Flan was saying Ben Davis left a ball game in the 12th inning because he had to go to Church. Piccolo couldn't believe it. Bochy said "he's gonna need God when he comes back".

Ted: He pulled that with me one time by leaving an interview in the middle because he had to go.

Ted: He came in here thinking he was was Johnny Bench and let me tell you he wasn't Mrs. Johnny Bench.

Flan: Ben Davis wouldn't warm up a pitcher, even though he was the back up catcher. He said "I don't warm up pitchers".

Ted: Wally Joyner publically bad mouthed Ben Davis. If you got Wally bad mouthing you then you got problems.

Ted: Ben Davis did not take rookie ribbing very well.

Flan: Now you know why I like guys like Paul McAnulty


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Dex said...

Ted talks plenty of schmack now, but I distinctly remember him having a HUGE crush on Ben Davis. I'm talking middle-school girl style crush. I believe the words "tall glass of water" were used repeatedly in that order when Ted would refer to the primadonna.


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