Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Padres and "Frosted Tips"

It seems to me that baseball players are real slow to adjust to fashion trends. Baseball players hung on to the mullet well into the 2000's and now they are little too into bleaching / streaking / frosting their hair. Ramon Hernandez reminded me of this. Most of the current Padres have their hair colored. Most of the time you can't tell because they have their caps or helmets on, but on those Channel 4 interviews it really makes you cringe. If anybody can help me compile a list of current Pads with their hair colored I'd appreciate it and we could keep a close watch on them. Maybe even convince some of them to let it go. Since my friend's wife's cousin is always hanging out with the Pads we can pass a message to them. Drop us a comment if you have a list. I know I've seen Klesko, Hernandez, Giles and Nevin. I wonder if you can count Bochy in the list for doing that white streak in his eyelashes.


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