Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ramon Hernandez taking too much pride in getting hurt

In this Phil Rogers article on ESPN Ramon brags about being injured.

Okay I read the article now and I guess he doesn't brag about being injured like I guessed. I was at this game vs. Toronto last season when Hernandez blocked the plate and ended up on the disabled list for a month. Sure he held onto the ball and made the out, but that run would have made little difference in the game. I just remember thinking that after the game. To be honest I can't even remember who won, but I was at that Sunday game. He shoulda just done the sweep tag or let the run score and he'd been able to contribute for that month he was off. It's a dumb but macho decision to take the hit. Unless it's a pivotal game. That's a different story.

Catchers should charge the base runner, that'll teach them to come charging into the plate. See how tough they are in with momentum coming at them as well. I bet I wouldn't have forgotten the outcome of the game if that happened.


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