Friday, February 18, 2005

Pitchers and Catchers Report

So pitchers and catchers reported today and there doesn't seem to be much news. I guess we are waiting to see if Darrell May is gonna step in to be our fifth starter. They are talking about Ashby stepping up to be that fifth guy if May doesn't work out. Ashby was one of my favorites during those late 90's seasons. I remember Dex, Kev and I went to a Diamond Back game at the Q in the DBack's first season. It was a Super Five Buck Monday. Remember back in those days? Any seat in the Q for a five spot and all Hot Dogs for a buck. Man I wouldn't eat for weeks so I could take advantage of that. Anyway Kev and Dex get in line for Dogs while I save the seats. Ashby is tearing through their line up. Kev and Dex are in an endless line and the Q has literally run out of Dogs. This turned out to be the game where Ash pitched a complete game in 75 pitches a modern day record. They didn't keep track of pitch count til 1970 or something. So when Kev and Dex come back to the seats it's like the 8th inning and they missed the large majority of the game. Hell of a game though. I'll get the Dogs next time Dudes.


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