Saturday, March 19, 2005

The anatomy of a fairweather fan

Here's the ingredients for creating your very own fairweather fan:

1. Expansion team - Since we came about in '69, only relatively recently have there been people who can claim themselves as a Padres fans, born and raised. And even more rare still is the fan who can claim "Padres fan, born and raised, and so was my mom and dad". And the guy who goes back two generations doesn't exist. This leads to...

2. Different allegiances - Quick count, how many people do you know count the Padres as their second favorite team. Our transplants may root as loud as anybody at the games for our Friars, and genuinely will want the Padres to win, but just wait till the Cubs/Cardinals/Reds/Pirates/Dodgers/Giants come to town. You grill these once "diehard" fans on why they're wearing the visiting team's colors and all they can reply is, "but I was born and raised this way."

3. Pessimistic local media - Personally, I think it's annoying when the Padres are losing and I hear Leitner refer to them as "your Padres". Then, when they're winning, it's "my Padres". I know some people think it's endearing, and it's Leitner being Leitner, but those people are the ones who have different allegiances. People who can say, yeah the Padres lost, but at least my Cubbies won. What about us fans, born and raised? How does that sound to us? Are you with us or against us? Well, sometimes I'm with you, and other times your on your own. I tell you, it's confusing. And some wonder why historically, fans haven't shown up when the Pads are losing. People listen to a loss and you get the announcer blaming the loss on you. Who wants that?

All that said, this news becomes a test. A test of faith. Listen to your buddies for the next few days. See how many of them see the possibility of Peavy losing time and say, "Well, it's just like the Padres." Then, read this and forget about what a jackass Bush was last year (Matt Bush my sensitive Republican friends). Forget about that, and try to think good thoughts. Happy, positive thoughts. I'll try to do the same.