Monday, March 14, 2005

Queer Eye For the Karaoke Cowboy

This will be a good episode. What's great about this is if Yankee fan gives BoSox fan grief about getting makeovers from gay dudes, BoSox fan always has this.

By the way, I know a reader of this blog who's way into Queer Eye. I won't say his name, but he lives in St. Louis. As for me, I always work hair products in from back to front.

Morning news

I wish people associated with the Padres would shut up about the steroids thing.
"I don't see how Bud could've done a better job," Moores said. "How could he? Bud has been on top of the steroids issue. He was on top of it before the yahoos in Congress had any thought on steroids, and I think that's how it's going to shake out."
Here's the thing, Moores. Screw when Congress caught wind of it1. That's not who you should be accountable to. If I can remember having debates with my buddies, for years now, about who's on steroids and people are writing about it in books and scouting reports on guys basically beg them to juice up ("solid defense, but could use more power")... Then maybe waiting until the government "yahoos" have decided to call you on your problem isn't exactly being "on top of it".
"He's getting abuse for some reason," added Moores. "Selig gets treated like a punching bag – and it ain't fair."
Considering that the knock on Selig is that he owns a team while acting as commissioner, I guess it's no surprise that an owner would come to back his play. I just wish it wasn't our owner.

In other news... The third item down mentions how Burroughs sharpened his defense last year. I remember on at least two occasions last season, Burroughs diving for (and muffing) balls hit to the left side that Khalil could have gotten to standing up. I bet if Burroughs just stood there like third base Garvey, our infield would be better off. I'm only half kidding.

1 - Jbox pointed out that it sounds a little like I'm telling people when to have intercourse. What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter when Congress caught wind of the steroids thing. You people can have intercourse whenever you want.