Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Canseco sells World Series ring to "California Collector"

So I'm reading about Jose Canseco selling his ring in this ESPN article. This is what caught my attention:

The New York Post reported Tuesday that a California collector purchased the ring, but attempts by ESPN.com to confirm the sale late Monday were unsuccessful.

I'm thinking this "California Collector" could be John Moores. Maybe he thought it would be easier and cheaper then earning it with the Padres.

Also Padres fans may be interested in what Former Padres Pitching Coach Dave Stewart has to say about Canseco:

"He's sold his trophies, his World Series rings, sold everything that had true meaning to the average baseball player," Oakland A's teammate Dave Stewart told the Tri-Valley Herald. "He did that because he never really liked the game."


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