Thursday, March 17, 2005

Steroid Hearing Today

Is there someplace to listen to this live? I'm not in front of a TV. I'm looking at the scorecard. It looks like it'd be interesting to listen to.
[Tom Davis (R-Va.)] cited studies that suggest that high school athletes think steroids are less harmful and that the number of high school athletes that have taken steroids has tripled over the last decade.
To be honest, I don't think it matters that that athletes think steroids are less harmful than before. Malcolm Gladwell talks about cigarette smokers in his book The Tipping Point. When smokers were asked how many years they thought they were losing due to smoking, the average was 9 years. In reality, studies estimate smokers are, on average, losing about 6 years of life due to smoking. So the people who smoke think it's more dangerous than it actually is, and yet they continue.

To paraphrase his conclusions (perhaps badly), people smoke because it's cool. The promised chance of death and exclusion from non-smoking prudes only makes it that much cooler.

What does that mean when it comes to steroids? It means that obviously, if something's not actively killing you, people don't care about what happens down the road. It also means that steroids have apparently become kinda cool which is really unfortunate for the integrity of the game as well as the health of our children.

Your children, really. I'm concerned about your children. I don't got kids yet. If a son of mine decided to use steroids, ain't no roid rage gonna save him from the whoopin' he'll get when his dad gets to him. He'll have to call his huge yolked out Arnoldesque buddies to pull me off him.


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