Sunday, March 20, 2005

Padres Preview

Geoff from Ducksnorts has posted his Padres Preview at the Baseball Think Factory. I just finished reading it and there shouldn't be too many surprises if you already read his site. What I'm high on this season is our bench and bullpen. Last season was the first where I remember thinking, gosh we're kinda deep. This year should also be awesome as long as Sweeney keeps his entrance music.

We'll have to do our own preview and predictions. I can't imagine it being anything as informative as Geoff's, considering the kind of stuff we usually write about, but maybe we'll get lucky. I'm sure it will include predictions like, "Klesko will grow his hair out long again and return to previous form, a la Samson. This will also spark his return to shaking his head luxuriously after removing his batting helmet to get his golden locks out of his eyes." So be on the lookout!

In other news...
Brian Hiro of the NC Times profiles Aki Otsuka. Aki's not getting the attention he was and is starting to feel it:
"I'm sad," Otsuka said this week, laughing. "I want more attention."
Bochy better curb that. That growing ego will help no one. Ben Davis, Ruben Rivera... Aki Otsuka?


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