Saturday, March 12, 2005

Now tell me something I don't know...

Superscout Grady Fuson is one for one.
"I've been impressed with the starting pitching," he said yesterday. "It's nice to see Adam Eaton and (Jake) Peavy and (Brian) Lawrence."

It's good to know that he can see what's right in front of him. This is like a driving test where they start out with, "ok where's your turn signal? Good. Gas pedal? Good." We just have to start finding the stuff down the road now.

The Padres are pleased with their roster of catchers.
"We have a legitimate prospect at every level," scouting director Bill Gayton said.
To which Superscout Grady Fuson quickly replied, "I knew that too. I knew that too."

John Sickels will have his Padres minor league report card up sometime today. Let's all be on the lookout.

And finally, Ducksnorts is hinting at the Potentially Cool Thing about to come to fruition, but doesn't actually reveal anything further.

Now tell me something I don't know...


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