Thursday, March 17, 2005

New leadership for baseball

Sorry about my previous outburst. I'm all better now. These hearings were fascinating. I especially liked the insinuation that perhaps there should be some wholesale changes happening in baseball's leadership. I never really liked Bud Selig myself.

And what was up with the gapped tooth guy constantly rolling his eyes and shaking his head and audibly muttering under his breath. Man, that guy had a pair. I was waiting and waiting for a congressman to walk over and smack him, but it never happened. Why doesn't cool stuff like that happen?

I remember in college, when I used to have a subscription to Maxim, reading an article about a bodybuilder on roids. Or maybe it was in Stuff. Details? Whatever. In any case, the article was really disgusting, because the roids ended up giving him such bad constipation, he literally tore himself a new one to relieve the pain. Does anybody else remember that article? I mean, dude tore himself a new one.

If they want to have a PSA video that really works, you just have a reenactment of that scene. Ask a high school kid if he wants to go through that. I mean shrunken testicles is one thing. Roid rage? Please! Their coaches encourage aggressive behavior. But having to tear yourself a new one because you haven't been able to go for 2 weeks. Ummmm... yeah... I think I'll be playing golf this spring...

We gotta get regular baseball talk going again. This is getting distasteful.


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Nerd Hater said...

How about when the congressman (I'm not sure who, since I was listening on the radio and not watching on TV) kept commenting how good a politican Schilling was.

Then someone piped in and said, "hey he's a Republican, don't encourage him. We don't want him here".

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Matt said...

This is becoming one of my favorite baseball blogs.

You guys are genuine -- and that makes for some entertaining entries.

Keep it up.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Dex said...

One of my favorite bits was when Palmeiro made some comment and McGwires goes, "I basically agree with Raffy." Then they ask Sosa for his opinion and he goes, "I basically agree with Raffy, too."

It was endearing... like watching rats snuggle for warmth. (I'm joking)

Thanks for the nice comment, Matt. It's appreciated.


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