Friday, March 11, 2005

A little bit of Jon magic...

I knew that Dave Roberts was born in Japan, and I tried to make the connection that Japanese players that Jon crushes on will go on to have good careers in the MLB. Jon said that Dave Roberts isn't actually of Japanese descent, so it wouldn't work that way.

Now, I find out, through the magic of Ducksnorts that Dave Roberts is half Japanese! Roberts has never scored more than 64 runs in a season in his career and 100 is the magic number we're looking for out of leadoff. However, I'm thinking that with a little bit of Jon magic, we can add to that total. Since Roberts is half japanese, we could maybe expect 50% more out of him if Jon crushes on him 50% as much as he normally would a player of full Asian descent. So, putting on my Bill James mathematics hat, if I add that 50% to his best run total, that would give (32+64)... 96 runs...

Hmmmmmm... That's short of the 100 mark. My math may be wrong. I'll have to go over it some more.

In other news...
Jose Canseco wants immunity. He's already got super strength and great hair. Once he's got immunity, all he needs is a flashy red suit and he'll be Captain Marvel. Oh wait, that's invulnerability. Not immunity. Nevermind.

It looks like Guzman will only be out six weeks as opposed to the whole year. Great news if Jon's crush never develops for Roberts.


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