Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Gammons on Towers

Gammons makes some comments regarding Kevin Towers and Cansecogate (Steroidgate?) in general. Here's a couple of bits I like:
When players (or anyone) rail on Jose Canseco for trying to make a buck off the steroids issue, they should be dismissed because what in the world were the guys who used steroids trying to do? Make money. Not to pick on Jason Giambi, but since he has admitted to steroid use, that $128 million kind of tells us that it worked for him, eh?

I agree completely. There may be plenty of reasons to dislike Canseco, but cashing in by informing on your peers is an American tradition.
The one conclusion we can draw now is that this era has reminded us just how great Henry Aaron, Willie Mays and Frank Robinson really were.

It's true. Fully integrated league. Higher pitcher's mound working against them. None of this drug talk. So awesome.

Update: I'm being a little sarcastic with the first comment, but totally serious with the second. Just so's I don't confuse anybody.


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