Sunday, March 13, 2005

Fightin' Words

The Dayton Daily News' baseball guy, Hal McCoy, compares Darrel May to a dog. It's just one of his bullet points and the registration required to read it is tedious so here's his comment:
This is where baseball is ... and why left-handed pitchers can walk to the mound with sun glasses, a cane and a dog.

San Diego's Darrell May has a 25-39 career record, but is guaranteed $3.225 million this year, and the Padres figure him as their No. 5 starter.

Is it appropriate that he'll be pitching in Petco Park?
Hey, McCoy! Your mother's a left handed pitcher! Actually, he's probablly right. If I have a son, I'm gonna teach him how to pitch left handed knuckleballs. I'll probably ask the doctor to go ahead and replace a couple ligaments in his elbows after he's born. You know, while the tissues are soft. Give him a leg up for little league.


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