Thursday, February 24, 2005

Young Pitchers Symposium on Jake Peavy

John Sickels profiles Jake Peavy today. Sickels is a Peavy fan, but it's weird reading the comments and realizing that people don't know who Jake is. What does it take, people!? This is a future Cy Young guy! Let's pay attention!

Over at Ducksnorts, Geoff also has a Peavy writeup. I'm looking for one more writeup on the guy to complete the trifecta. I'm also thinking that if you read Padres blogs and you aren't Jbox, Kev or my wife, you've seen the Ducksnorts post already. Geoff mentioned us again though, which is really nice, so I'm being nice back.

I'm working on the second part of yesteday's post, so this is my one update until the afternoon. Maybe Jbox will write something. Haven't really heard much from Kev lately though.


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