Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I added a links thing on the sidebar there. So far, alls we got is the Padres web site and Ducksnorts which is the only Padres blog I could find. As I find others, I'll add links so that after you're done reading what little we have here, you can go and read something more relevant. Cause seriously... we're very aware that our site barely counts for much.

Update: There's an Amazon referal link if you want to buy the book I'm reading right now. I'm about halfway through Boomer's book and some of the stories are good, but a good summary might be: 1. Pitches well at current level 2. Blows out arm 3. Gets aggro at somebody 4. Repeat.

Maybe that's an oversimplification and it may scare you away from reading it, but I'll post a better review once I'm done.


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