Friday, February 18, 2005

Ready for a White Sox beatdown!

Dex is right about me being a fair weather fan of San Diego teams. I figure that I'm entitled to that after following the Pads longer than he and jbox. (yeah, we're all born in '76, but I was busy watching Garvey hit that game winning home run in game 4 vs the Cubs while they were too busy playing Pong)

Anyways, I'm looking at the schedule trying to decide which games are must sees for me, especially living out of town right now. I notice that we draw the White Sox in June. Every freakin' Padre fan should be amped for this series.

Has anyone forgot what happened a couple years back at Comiskey Park? I'm really afraid that White Sox fan is coming to SD. Petco Park is so accessible to the fan. Don't tell me that those rent-a-cop security guys in red windbreakers are going to stop any of them when they jump the field.

I'd love to see someone juiced like Klesko or Giles just destroy one of those drunk White Sox fans if they tried to slice one of the Pads. I'm convinced we'll have a melee at Petco Park this year. I'll have the car warmed up and ready to go just in case.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Dex said...

DUDE! Since '76! That's all of us! And by "juiced", you must mean Jamba when it comes to Klesko. Otherwise those are butt injections wasted.


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