Friday, February 18, 2005

Presidents' Day Weekend

J-Box is on a ski trip this weekend with his frat brothers and since we pretty much post stuff that we want to point out to each other, I doubt much will get posted over the weekend. Unless Kev posts something mean about the Padres. No joke, that guy will take any opportunity to crack on San Diego sports. One of those "Whenever I have faith, hope, or an inkling to watch them play, they lose" type of people so he'll let you know how overrated any of our exciting teams are and how the owners of said teams are just trying to build new stadiums and rob us taxpayers.

Kev doesn't even live in San Diego right now. God forbid when he becomes a voting citizen of the city again.

We did get mentioned in the Ducksnorts blog which is pretty cool. "A little TMI in spots"? He must've seen the first draft of my Leitner on Pubes posting. I apologize for that. It was getting late in the day and my blood sugar was low. J-Box thought it was gross too.

Eventually, Jon will probably post stuff also. That will bring our numbers to four which is the same number of contributers as the smarties at The Juice Box. Jon's seriously crazy though so I doubt that between the four of us, you'll get anything as informative about the Padres as what the Juicebox guys give about the Astros. Nevertheless, I'm hoping that once the season starts going, we'll have more interesting things to say.

Have a good long weekend!


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