Tuesday, February 15, 2005

MLB.com Predictions

John Schlegel predicts the Padres to come in second. He does make the comment that if Dave Roberts scores 100 runs this season, that they win the division. Obviously that's a knock on his .335 on base percentage. If he can get that up, Loretta and the boys can get him around.


It's no secret that your buddy and mine, Jon, is a little gay for the Japanese players in the league. Not to be mean spirited in any way, but Jon is a bigger fan of the Ichiros and Otsukas of the world than most heterosexual men are. Now, I've always thought that he was fans of them because they're Japanese and they're successful, but what if they're successful because they're Japanese and Jon is gay for them?

Now, you may wonder what that has to do with Dave Roberts. I'll tell you. DAVE ROBERTS WAS BORN IN OKINAWA, JAPAN! So, he's got the Japanese down. Now, if Jon would just turn a little gay for him, I'm thinking 150 runs easy. And with 150 runs, the Padres may just run away with this division.

It's a friggin' match made in heaven.

UPDATE: Turns out Jon's not gay for Dave Roberts even after finding out that he was born in Japan. Looks like second place for our Padres...


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