Friday, February 18, 2005

Gwynn Interview

Here is an interview, from, with Gwynn on a few different subjects, including the current roid ruckus. It requires a registration to get in.

On roids:
One of beauties of this job is you get to teach. You have an opportunity to sit kids down and explain why this is wrong. I hope kids buy into it. In my mind it's wrong.

On the state of the game:
Last year was unbelievable. The game is doing well, even though there are a lot of controversies. The majority of players are clean. They want to see that the game stays clean. I give (commissioner) Bud Selig credit because he kept the pressure on. Then the players stepped up and said, "We want testing."

Now I like Gwynn as much as the next guy, but both of these comments struck me as naive. Ain't no players union, no owners, no commissioner doing anything about this steroid stuff if Canseco hadn't started making all this noise. That may or may not be true, but it's the public perception that matters. It seems to me that Bud Selig has been incredibly lax when it comes to addressing the steroid issue.

It also seems that teaching college age kids that steroids is wrong is a tough sell. No offense to any college age peeps, but if my guess is right, you're not real big on things like ramifications or repercussions. So trying to tell them that the 30 year plan for steroids ends potentially with an early death is tough when the 10 year plan includes Playboy bunnies and guaranteed contracts with the Yankees.

Oh and I thought Jbox was skiing. Where the heck did he find a computer?


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