Monday, February 28, 2005

Curiosity and a baseball dream

Geoff at Ducksnorts is hinting about something new and exciting happening over there. I'm so freakin' curious, it's killing me. Maybe he's just saying that to make people curious. Oh so devious and effective.

Last night I had a baseball dream. I dreamt I was at spring training and this old manager was quizzing me on who he was. He asked me who was on the '87 Mets rotation and I could only remember Dwight Gooden (checking Baseball Reference I got that right! Hooray dream self!).

It was really weird in that I couldn't figure out who this guy was and I didn't want to ask him to autograph a ball until I remembered. I can barely remember his hints now except for the '87 Mets rotation and career interrupted by war time. I think there was something about playing or managing Roberto Clemente and the Pirates.

Man, I wish I could remember. This is it. My Field of Dreams moment and I can't remember the dream. What do you want from me baseball gods!? What should I build!?

Now that I think about it, last night I attended a friend's Chaldean wedding. I'd never been to one, but the women in attendance have this thing where they make this high pitched "LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE!!!" noise. I thought about how great a heckle that would be for a fielder trying to catch a popup. Maybe this dream is the ghost of some old ballplayer who wants me to go heckle a player or a manager for him. Maybe an old rival.

We're going to Yankee stadium this summer. Maybe it's one of Zim's old rivals. Hmmmm...



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