Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Coleman Press Conference

I'm gonna try my hand at liveblogging this Jerry Coleman press conference. It's starting up at 2:05, so I have time for a quick bathroom break. KEEP IT HERE, READER! Don't forget to hit refresh every so often and again!

2:00PM - Bathroom break....
2:03PM - Back from my break and the Mighty 1090 is about to cut to commercial. I can tell by the Dre playing in the background.
2:05PM - Midas commercial. Man, I hope they haven't started without us...
2:06PM - Their news update just said 2:02. My clock must be fast. Never fear, dear reader! We're early! Oh it's starting...
2:07PM - Jerry... consistency. Trudat. I'd like to see Jerry Coleman lose all his humility and act really un-humble after this. Like, "You can hang a star on.. I ain't even gonna say the mutha effin' rest!"
2:09PM - Jerry commenting that he's glad his wife and daughter are here to enjoy it. Isn't his wife like 20 years younger than him? Was he afraid they'd go first? Oh man, Jerry's rambling... Quick! Get to the questions!
2:10PM - Let's get some real questions people. Here's my question, in my most annoyingly grating, whiny voice: "So, whaddya do today?"
2:13PM - What is this story he's telling? This is our hall of famer? Oh listen to them cut in on Jerry. The Too Much Show guys know he's starting to ramble. This is gonna be a long season.
2:15PM - He's gonna tell the secret origins of Hang a Star... This should be good.
2:16PM - Jerry never got a gold star in school and that's why he thinks that giving somebody a star is so great. Hmmm...
2:18PM - Ah, the TMS guys are done with Jerry. I can hear the 50 Cent starting up in the background. And yet now they're rambling... Let's go, dudes, cut to commercial or go back. OK there's commercial.

Well, that went well I think. That's something the other 2 1/2 Padres blogs don't do, right? A little liveblogging for your back to work Tuesday afternoon. Keep it here, for all your Padres news! JBOX IS BACK FROM SKIING!


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